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Kameleon’s are back in town…

The Real Bears

The CSPI, a US advocacy group with aim of promoting health and nutrition, have created a short film featuring animated polar bears who suffer with problems associated with excessive fizzy drink consumption, including tooth decay, the onset of diabetes and even erectile dysfunction.  What makes this most effective in getting the message across is the use of some recognisable ‘happy’ polar bears.

Answering Back

The “CEO” of Bodyform had a potential PR nightmare on her hands: a male Facebook user wrote to them saying that Bodyform’s adverts had misinformed him of women’s periods, setting him up for a fall. Their response: to create a tongue in cheek video for women and tell the truth to all other men. Crafty buggers.

Man Reminder

Whilst on the subject of men… Rethink Breast Cancer have cleverly created a Man Reminder App and accompanying advert.  Using attractive men in their content has allowed for a fun approach to push forward a serious message, which reduces the scary aspect of checking for signs of breast cancer. It’s not only memorable but users will look forward to receiving reminders and women will want to share the messages with friends.


Basketball viewers, fans and teammates are all in it together, rooting for D Rose to return to The Chicago Bulls after suffering with an injury. His passion for the sport, his determination and professionalism are inspiring character traits that the basketball player displays in the series for Adidas, which charts his return to the court.

Road Bike Party

Martyn Ashton has teamed up with WD40 and taken a £10,000 road bike for the ride of its life. Road Bike Party captures some of the toughest stunts ever from a Tour de France-winning bike.  ‘Hero’ videos such as these drive traffic to YouTube sites and are perfect fodder for sports fans who might want inspiration to oil up their old bike.


Greggs is promoting their Halloween products through a new piece of branded content called ‘Britain Prepare for Zombies: Only Humans Allowed’ where zombies invade a Greggs cafe. This, in conjunction with live sampling events in high footfall areas where consumers can try the products and take photos of themselves with the zombie bakers, is an excellent example of appropriately tent-poling their branded content.


Norton Antivirus and Yahoo have teamed up to create a brand new online series, a crime drama called ‘Cybergeddon’.  Developed by Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of TV crime drama CSI, this series is high quality and perfect for the tech-literate audience who will engage with the show, take advantage of the bonus material and Norton offers.

Dear 16 year-old me

The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund have asked real people, not actors, to tell their true, emotional and powerful stories to the next generation to try and prevent as many lives being touched by melanoma.  The video is heartfelt and honest, and attempts to speak to sixteen year olds who can change their habits to save their lives.


Sports, Beer & Sausage Rolls

London 2012

Never mind the brand police, here are the best “Fauxlympic” ads

The Long Shot: Bronze

In the spirit of the Olympics, creative agencies across the country have let their imaginations run free, producing spoof campaigns based on the games for a contest organised by The Drum magazine. Check out the winners to see who won faux gold. Just don’t tell the IOC!

… but which real ad is topping the social podium?

Which Olympic sponsor produced the most shared video content? Find out who’s become the viral Usain Bolt with this quick but cute game from Unruly Media.

Beer nurtures creativity!

Heineken looks for the perfect draught experience…

It’s not unusual for brands to launch a rebranding competition. But inviting people to reinvent their consumption habits is something new. This is what Heineken has in mind with the launch of their Ideas Brewery Challenge, a worldwide competition to reinvent the draught beer experience through digital technology, social media, and interactivity.

… and Stella Artois to fund film workshops

Stella cultivated its association with film through the launch of the Stella Artois Cannes Cinema Club earlier this year. The campaign is now set to expand, with the brand providing funds for special workshops to give cinema lovers the chance to learn from the most influential experts in the industry.

Social Media & Sausage Rolls

Greggs looks for their biggest fan

Greggs: pushing on from half a million Facebook fans

Will Greggs’ biggest fan still love Greggs after indulging every week for an entire year? The brand seems to think so. To celebrate reaching half a million fans on Facebook this week, Greggs is hosting a series of social media competitions to encourage fans to bring their virtual sentiment into the real world. The prize for the winner? You guessed it: free Greggs … every week … for a year! We can only hope one of those hungry looking long-distance runners comes out on top.

Olympic campaigns from around the globe

Italy: From gymnasts to Stars thanks to reality show
How do you create engagement and build an audience for a team of athletes who have no sponsors and no fame? MTV Italy created a reality show to follow the lives of 3 members of the Italian Gymnastics team in preparation for their first Olympic adventure. The successful TV format – which tremendously increased the sport’s popularity amongst young girls and also helped the team find sponsors, is now set to be distributed worldwide.

Netherlands: Volkswagen create a cheer powered car to celebrate the Dutch athletes

A common route for brands across the globe to engage Olympic fans has been to offer the chance of free tickets. Volkswagen has taken this one step further by getting fans to prove their passion – by cheering as loud as they can in a car rigged up to run purely off the noise. All the videos of people trying are viewable on their site.

Azerbaijan: The Official Sponsorship of the Azerbaijani Olympic Wrestlers

P&G brand Febreze decided that despite having a host of world class athletes at their disposal, they wanted to move away from the big names and find “the toughest odour challenge of the Olympic Games” – which they decided was wrestling. Upon becoming the official sponsors of the Azerbaijan Olympic Wrestling Team they started a campaign using video content and social media to not only promote the team globally, but also show just how good their products are.

Australia: Qantas community based gymnastics

In the run up to the Olympics sponsors have leveraged their brand ambassadors in several ways. In Australia Qantas developed a community based initiative to tell the story of their most recognised gymnast, Lauren Mitchell. The Gymbus event saw over 120 aspiring gymnasts come together to be coached by Lauren and her team mates. This brand campaign targeted a much younger demographic to most – giving future hopefuls a taste of London 2012 and what may be to come.

USA: Win when the USA wins gold

How have unlikely Olympic sponsors managed to create brand campaigns that target their target audience whilst aligning themselves to the biggest sporting event of 2012? As part of their Olympic campaign, McDonalds is offering rewards ‘as big as a 25k trip to London’ to incentivise consumers to eat healthier. Items containing 400kcal or less will have an athlete’s name on it and if that Olympic athlete wins gold, you win a prize.  With Team USA’s current run of form, McDonalds may giving away quite a few prizes.

World: Phelps honoured as ‘most decorated Olympian’

Not only did the worlds most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps receive a phone call from President Obama but courtesy of Visa, Phelps was also honoured with a video message of congratulations from Morgan Freeman. Throughout the games brands have been releasing new content to keep up to date.  Yet a day after the content was released, Phelps won another Olympic gold taking his total up to a whopping 20. Who will be next to congratulate the don of swimming?

The best & worst of Olympics Marketing

A useful Pinterest board – with P&G cited as one of the best

Olympic fever & the brand police

Olympics 2012: 100 Years of Sponsorship
The sponsorship of the games and surrounding controversies has been with us for over 100 years. Oxo was one of the first official sponsors of the London Olympics in 1908, providing beef stock drinks and rice pudding for marathon runners – the food of champions. During the 60s one of the main sources of revenue for the games came from tobacco sponsorship, the ‘Olympia’ cigarette brand generating over US$1m during the 1964 Tokyo games. Who are the brand winners today?

EDF and the dawn of the twitter Olympics
London 2012 will be most digitally connected Olympics and for brand sponsors to maximise their impact, they need a strong social media presence. Sponsor EDF energy stands out with their plans for curating a light show, projected onto the London Eye. Every night a special algorithm will measure the mood of tweets surrounding the Olympics, and the colours of the light show will change to suit the mood of the public. The live show will be streamed online.

Cadbury’s ‘Chocolatarium’
Sponsorship is most effective when there is a consistent brand story and POV. After months of build-up Cadbury’s may have found its feet with the launch of the Cadbury’s house – an experiential hub where people can play with a variety of virtual sporting events and share their fun on social networks with RFID technology. The spots and stripes campaign almost feel like a distant memory.

Sponsor Confusion
There has been a lot of talk about the “Olympics Brand Police” stopping smaller businesses from mentioning the event, but just how successful has Olympic sponsorship been for the brands? This NewsWorks report looks into interest in the Olympics and how the brands awareness and perception have changed, if at all. Is Adidas’ sponsorship that successful if many people still just assume it’s Nike? Or have EDF benefited when people are still getting them confused with E.on?

Oddbins spearheading the revolt against LOCOG

The most effective marketing doesn’t need huge budgets, just a core insight into the mood of your audience. During the Olympic period Oddbins are offering anybody 30% off in -store if they turn up wearing Nike trainers and have in their pockets an RBS Mastercard, set of Vauxhall car keys and an iPhone. “We are doing this primarily to highlight the absurdity of the fact that the British people – who are paying for these games – are at the same time being subject to ridiculous rules”. Oddbins website has seen a 22% increase in traffic since its anti-olympics campaign launched

Celebrating the Paralympic athletes

This trailer from Channel 4 is one of the best ads we’ve seen from the games, celebrating the athletes as super humans whom have triumphed over adversity without being patronising. Emotive content at it’s best.

The amazing video content edition

This week giving you an insight to some of the amazing content circling the web and what makes it so shareable. Is video sharing changing what we view as quality content? Year on year as video increases in popularity we see brands developing their content strategies.

Nike Make it Count

The days when companies relied on 30-second TV spots and full-page newspaper ads as their main tools for staying top-of-mind are long gone. With their latest #makeitcount campaign Nike is definitely a brand evolving their story telling style – a far cry from their usual polished feel. Developing a personality and an emotive connection the advert for their Nike FuelBand (an athletic-performance tracking device,) directed by Casey Neistat, is an inspirational piece of video homage to making the most out of life and enjoying new experiences. Aside from 10 seconds of unpackaging footage at the beginning, the Fuel band isn’t featured again. Instead, viewers follow the filmmaker on his mission to go as far and experience as much as he can before money runs dry. To me there is something immersive about following real people on a real adventure, and it is the uplifting feeling which makes it sharable. This content is definitely more about the brand than the product – but it is still important to keep objectives in sight. Making exercise or things count can be much more than pounding the treadmill. If you could show the world what making it count means to you what would you do?

Reebok Flex

Reebok have identified an opportunity within the sports category and have set their sights set on the fitness and gym audience. Although this is an ad with paid for placements on TV and gym media, rather than branded content, it’s an emotive piece of content that has a clear objective and message – sport doesn’t have to involve tournaments or teams, working out and aiming to be as fit as you can is a sport in itself.

Guardian three little pigs

The Guardian three little pigs is a really engaging piece of content to communicate a rather academic subject, the future of journalism – the twists and turns in the fable as the media frenzy intensifies watches like a cinematic thriller. Coming up with a killer idea and then finding the perfect Director to run with the idea is the holy grail. The video is likely to be shared because it is clever in a “gleeky” way, but also a talking point, what is the future of journalism, when the internet provides such an open platform for reporting?

People Are Awesome

The people are awesome video drives home the true meaning of viral. A compilation of amazing stunts and tricks, mostly filmed on amateur cameras, this video shows that slick production isn’t essential to making amazing content, it’s the idea. What is most interesting about this piece is that it was put together by the band Hadouken to promote their new single which is playing throughout, the video then ends with the songs title and links to their Facebook and Twitter. The heavily shared content was viewing over 40million times, largely due to the unbelievable stunts viewed. A great way to get your name out there on a small budget.

Pink Ponies: A Case Study

To finish off this week’s look at brilliant video content from around the web, here is a case study highlighting how marketers mould information to show their “grandeur”. Made just over a year ago by St John (more recently famed for their Catvertising video) this tongue-in-cheek content mocks the language and exaggerations used in the ‘making of’ agency case study videos. Whilst this video is initially humorous, it does show how generic Case Studies have become, which is also evident by sarcastic YouTube comments, discussing the video as if it was a real campaign.

Personalised branded content at its best


Coca-Cola eyes Olympic velodrome naming rights

Can Coca-Cola build a long term success of the Olympic Park velodrome if the brand is granted the naming rights? The O2 or the Emirates are two such success stories. As Coca-Cola aims to capitalise on it’s sponsorship of London 2012 it’s interesting to consider what they may intend to do with the space after the Olympics, and how they plan to name it?

Engagement in retail

Ted Baker customers can become an artist’s muse in store

A fun initiative sees Ted Baker create a live art event for consumers in store. The digital service called ‘Ted’s drawing room’ will give 100 customers the opportunity to get their photograph recreated by a top illustrator. The finished portraits will be sent to their owners and will be displayed on Ted Baker’s facebook page – live footage will also be broadcast. As the ease of online shopping continues to threaten the high street I expect we’ll see more brands using their retail stories to host events to bring in the crowds.


Diet Coke announces Jean Paul Gaultier as Creative Director 

Jean Paul Gaultier has created a series of short films titled ‘The Serial Designer’ launched on Facebook as part of his new role. Each film features one of the Diet Coke Puppets and Gaultier helps to solve their fashion emergencies. Working with Gaultier is a massive coup but I’m disappointed by the content – the narrative is weak and the product placement feels too overt, it seems more like an ad. Also there is no call to interact despite the content being hosted on Facebook.

Fat Duck’s reservation experience

Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop. from The Neighbourhood on Vimeo.

The Fat Duck is famous for creating an immersive dining experience, however with a waiting list of about 2 months, how do you keep diners excited? Heston Blumenthal’s team have come up with an idea to engage diners before they’ve even got to the restaurant – after booking, customers get a url which takes them on an animated journey evoking the memory of being a kid in a sweet shop, and binaural sound features too! Anyone that completes the experience also get a digital souvenir. Personalised brand content at it’s best!

BBC to introduce paid download store

Codenamed Project Barcelona the iTunes style store will allow viewers to pay to download programming. Thompson said ‘the BBC iPlayer is the most successful used catch-up service in the world but it’s true that after that 7 day public service window, a large proportion is never seen again’…The window would be non-exclusive and all this content would be made available for producers to exploit in any way they wish.


PG Tips is ‘most engaged with UK’ brand on Facebook

PG Tips is the most engaged with brand and it’s not all about the number of fans. According to research, nearly 2 out of 10 fans actively responded to the brand’s page over a week by liking, commenting, posting, responding to polls or sending RSVPs. If like me, you are wondering how they do this it’s simple –they focus posts around the lovable ‘Monkey’ and Jonny Vegas. Brands need a personality and great content to maintain engagement beyond marketing campaigns to grow fan acquisition.

Adprovising: Agile marketing made easy

Not only did SXSW (9-13 March) social media carnival throw up some great trends as seen last week with Me-TV but it produced a great variety of talks. This one was easy to share, so, I’m sharing it! Hyper Island’s Tim Leake gave a great, thought provoking talk on Adprovising: Agile marketing made easy – check out the link.

Agency uses app to find their interns

Are we looking to vet any new interns – why not use an app to do it? A bit on the ‘digital savvy/crazy’ side the app assesses applicants by asking them to draw a picture for a given word. The agency behind this believes the key to successful messages is simplicity. If you fancy your changes why not download the app and get drawing.

The Industry

 SXSW Festival: POV piece

A festival famous for highlighting the ‘things to come’ there are 3 connected trends emerging from this year – which will have both an impact on brand reputation and comms. They are crowd-sourcing ‘social’ and privacy. All of which are set to revolutionise traditional practise – we are in an area of networked intelligence and cracking the code will lead to more successful aggregation and understanding of engagement.

A heavy dose of trends within film


Cannon and Project Imagin8ion

Project Imagin8ion is the first ever photo competition to inspire a Hollywood film. People were asked to submit a photo to convey their suggestions for elements of the story such as mood, setting, character etc of the film, to be produced by Ron Howard. Almost 100,000 photos were submitted and the final film, When You Find Me is available to view online and is being screened across the US. It will be really interesting to see what Cannon do next – will this be another project within storytelling?

Crowd-sourced Sci-fi film

In 1945 a bunch of Nazis made it to the Moon and since then, have been preparing for their revenge invasion of Earth in 2018. Sound entertaining? Internet fans have provided about $1 million of the funding for the movie and many elements from the plot and visuals have all been crowd sourced. Despite this the production values seem high and The film opens at the Berlin International Film Festival. How long before a Hollywood blockbuster engages fans in the creative process?

A film made using a computer algorithm

Indie film project whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir is assembled from thousands of clips of footage, voiceovers and scoring elements, spliced together and edited in real time by a computer system called the ‘serendipity machine’. The film follows the observations of a geophysicist who is stuck in a metropolis operated by the New Method Oil Well Cementing Company and is different every time it is screened.

Dr. Martins #firstandforever

Think I’m getting soppy in my old age but I love these films from Dr Martins with Agnes Deyn. Beautifully shot and understated.

Have consumers had their fill of content?

The seven sins of branded content, a long but very interesting read! Providing branded content has been one of the biggest priorities in marketing in recent times but the question is when does too much content become distracting? Content creation is often seen as part of brand building – rather than a sales driver (which is very difficult to measure.) Take notes ‘the seven sins’ are as follows: long copy is a dead weight, failing to use media in the right way, deluding yourself that people care about your brand values, underestimating the public’s scepticism about brands, believing co-creation is for everyone, focusing on measurable return of investment and finally turning to technology as a saviour.

YouTube is asking Hollywood to create original content channels

Do you use your smart phone more than your TV remote? YouTube is aiming to create 25 hours of programming per day with the help of some of the top names in traditional TV. More and more people are watching content on their mobiles and tablets and the idea is to create artist/director Youtube channels which update subscribers when new content is added.


Social Media key influencer in multi-exposure purchasing path

Research has shown that social media combined with other online ad formats has the power to double commercial revenue. Though many classify social media as either owned or earned media, researchers factored in any click activity generated by paid social advertisements, brand-generated social content and earned mentions.


Non-sponsor Nike is brand most associated with Olympics

This is when sponsorship goes wrong: non-sponsor Nike is the brand most associated with Olympics even though Adidas signed a £100m to be the official sponsor. Research conducted shows 7.7% of conversations online about the Olympics are connecting it to the brand’s ‘make it count’ campaign. By contrast Adidas is only pulling 0.49% of the conversations. Even though Nike has broken no rules they clearly resonate themselves as being aligned with the Olympics.

Football League steps up pursuit of global sponsors

The Football League is stepping up efforts to grow its global sponsorship income by promoting its Head of Marketing to a new Strategic Partnerships role and taking on several commercial executives. They are looking to drive revenue for its clubs through sponsorship of grassroots initiatives and digital campaigns with global commercial partners. The Football League will lose £23m when the new television rights deal (with BskyB) launches at the start of next season. The governing body of the Championship, League One and League Two is also close to finding a sponsor for the Football League Cup to replace Carling, which has come to the end of its three year exclusive deal.

Brands boost Manchester United’s profit

Growth in sponsorship income helped Manchester United increase revenue by 11.8% in the second half of 2012. The champions revealed total revenue grew to £175m over the last six months of 2011, driven largely by a 16% hike in commercial revenues through brand tie-ups, such as a new training kit deal with delivery company DHL. This month the club expanded its growing roster of global telecommunications sponsors by launching a new ‘Globul United’ tariff to customers in Bulgaria. The deal could help accrue any potential losses induced by the club’s early exits from knockout tournaments, the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup. It’s all about Europa League Thursday’s on Channel 5.

An explosion of social media

Brand Engagement

Engagement Aint Nothing but a number

Businesses that invest in social media are led to focus on soft metrics such as number of ‘likes’, views and interactions. However this article argues that this is to the detriment of really understanding the strength and worth of the community that they have built up, in other words – the ROI and the value of that community. Rather than focussing on stimulating interactions, businesses should be seeking to create meaningful, long term experiences/initiatives that cause effect or change behaviour. This topic could provide a theme for a wider Kameleon Thought Piece – engagement within social media.


Hang out in Google+


I’m still fairly unconvinced by Google+ but one person taking advantage of the platform is Barak Obama. Along with Coca Cola and Cadburys, Obama has been using the Hangout function which allows 9 people to video chat together through their webcams. The video can then be shared to the wider community on Youtube. Brands need to be careful who they trust to interact so freely with fans but connecting the right people can make for some really interesting discussion and content.

Pinterest: hottest new social media?

Pininterest has been coined the ‘hottest new social media, since sliced bread’ reaching nearly 12million unique users faster than any other stand-alone sight. Statistics show the UK demographic is largely male, wealthy and aged 24-35. Popular audience interests include, SEO, marketing, PR and analytics. With many brands already getting involved the next question will be when Pinterest should start to seriously monetise branded pins, and brand pages?


Future Hipsters


This video is a treat from the Social Media Week’s global team. Set in 2062 the video captures interviews with octogenarian hipsters as they take a look back on what social media and digital culture were back in the day aka. 2012. What’s cool now is definitely looking to be very un-cool in 50 years time.

Unruly study sees brand recall improve with social video recommendations

Interesting new research has found that viewers who watch a video are more likely to recall the featured brand when it was recommended by a friend – compared to viewers who found the video through browsing. Therefore, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd drummer) recommending the binaural sound video gives lots of promise. In addition, people who watch a friend-recommended clip are more likely to enjoy the video and purchase the product.

The Times boosts digital subscribers

The number of people paying for a digital subscription to The Times in the past four months has increased 7% to 119,255 in January 2012, with the highest number of downloads on a Sunday. The paper has seen a drop in the number of printed papers purchased. The tide may be turning towards a willingness to pay for premium content – albeit within a certain age group.


Rangers eyes global sponsor as tonic to uncertain future

Despite Rangers recently entering administration they are on a quest to find a global sponsor – looking to boost commercial revenues to drive down their debts. Strategic partnerships have helped a brief growth in the clubs revenue. As a penalty for entering administration, Rangers have been deducted 10 points – pretty much handing the title to rivals Celtic.

The collaboration of apps and video

Gaming meets TV

Sims based drama on C4 education
SuperMes is an online drama – played by virtual actors in a virtual studio. The documentary-style content is designed to help teens cope with their new working lives and is the result of a collaboration between Electronic Arts and content design company Somethin’ Else, and uses the Sims 3 content platform. This is a really interesting evolution in storytelling and the merging (..intersection) between film and gaming.

Also in a further collaboration between gaming and TV, Stardoll the massively popular social network for young girls has partnered with BBC Worldwide (the commercial division). The BBC are using the platform to promote Strictly Come Dancing and introduce new revenue streams. Stardoll members will have access to an exclusive ‘Strictly’ Clyb where they can purchase virtual items – costumes inspired by the show to customise their Stardoll avatars and can build stage sets.



Heineken readies Facebook valentine’s push
Heineken have created ‘The Serenade’ Facebook app which aims to help men send funny, personalised songs to potential partners inviting them on a date. It is the same band that features in ‘The Date’ ad that sings the songs – a choice of over 620 songs in just 4 clicks. To promote the app Heineken are hosting Serenade live on 9th Feb, an 8 hour event on Youtube where people around the world can sing to the object of their heart’s desire. There are some great UGC examples already on Youtube. Heineken explain that they want to
focus on social media based activity around events and actions that young men can relate to and Valentine’s day is just the first.

Coke brings back their polar bears for the Super Bowl
W&K have come up with an idea for Coke to offer further family entertainment during the game, rather than your standard ad placement. Viewers of the Super Bowl will be able to interact with the Coke bears through Facebook and Twitter to hear the bears thoughts and insights on the game – a nice idea for Coke to become part of the viewing experience.



Sky Sports transfer deadline day
The January transfer window has now closed; it is a time of year that can make or break the rest of the season. This year SkySports has designed an interactive news wheel – why not check it out – if you have always wanted to play for Barcelona this is definitely the application for you.

City sets Premier League first with Twitter initiative
Manchester City’s digital quest to become a global brand continues. City will be using Twitter to enhance the match day experience – connecting fans from around the world. This strategy will add a new dimension to the pre-match build up, engaging and entertaining fans whotune into the TV broadcasts at City Square – a dedicated fan area near the club’s shop. The club also plans to integrate real-time fan Tweets on Etihad Stadium’s video boards, TV broadcasts and other stadium distribution channels including their website.

Sports sponsorship moves into the fast lane


Will 3D printing drive the future of file sharing?

The infamous file sharing website The Pirate Bay have outlined some bold ambitions for the future of file sharing, launching something called ‘Physibles’. The idea is that as 3D printing becomes more accessible, easy to use and cheaper the next step is sharing schematics for 3D printable objects – ‘no more shipping products across the world and then sending the broken bits back’. How would brands maintain control?


Xperia smart tags

Sony have launched a new mobile accessory using NFC – smart tags, that let you automatically start phone actions with a simple touch. You can program these tags to perform different tasks e.g. a bed time tag that turns your phone on silent and sets the alarm, a car tag thatturns on the phone’s GPS, weather and calendar app. Helps make life smoother – as long as you don’t lose your tags!


Brands moving onto Instagram and Tumblr















As Instragram and Tumblr grow in popularity brands have begun to follow their audiences. Levis is using Instagram to find the next stars of their advertising campaign and Tiffany have created some custom filters for people to use. Coca-Cola have looked to Tumblr and launched its own ‘tumblog’ called Happiness Is where people post vintage Coca-Cola ads along with other images to deliver happiness to visitors of the site. These are platforms perfectly suited to the Sony DEJ for make.believe.


Stobart Group secures cash-free Super League deal

The Rugby Football League (RFL) has confirmed that the Stobart Group has been given the naming rights of the game’s elite competition. Unlike the previous title sponsorship deal with Engage Mutual Assurance the new deal will free up available inventory, which will have commercial value for blue chip brands, attracting many new partnerships. The RFL has said the new title sponsorship deal could be worth up to £2.5 million per year.

Sports sponsorship moves into the fast lane

The cash generated from sport sponsorship is set to overtake ticket sales. It has been said brands need to start forming commercial relationships and strategic partnerships on the basis of shared objectives to create engaging experiences rather than using out-dated ideas. For example, the Electronics Arts (EA) maker of the FIFA game series and Manchester City partnership produces video game-related content to link the brands physically, digitally and through marketing. This partnership is driven by content and live experiences for fans.

Man City teases fans with ‘spot the Balotelli campaign’












In Manchester City’s conquest for world domination they recently launched a digital campaign challenging fans to spot avatars of players such as Mario Balotelli and Sergio Aguero. Using a 360-degree image of a match crowd fans were invited to take part and share it on social networks with the opportunity to win a signed shirt and personalised video message from the player. The basic concept is to engage fans in the physical space on match day and involve the wider international fan base digitally through social channels – something that hasn’t been done in football before.

Eye tracking takes viewers into the stadium from their couch

At this year’s CES Technicolor demonstrated their ‘Personalized Content Rendering’ technology which is designed to enhance viewers experience of a wide-angle sporting match. The device incorporates six camera angles and tracks your eye movements so you control what you view. It can even zoom giving better detail and focus. This technology will be commercially available in the next few years.


New business

Government kicks off an 11m workplace and pension campaign

The Department for Work and Pensions is launching an £11m ad campaign to inform the public about the impending arrival of its automatic enrolment workplace pension scheme. The campaign is due to feature in the press, radio and outdoor ad campaigns. The campaign is due to launch in 9 months.