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The changing face of content

Brandalism and the Olympic Anti-Content

How far should brands go to protect their own content? In a recent anti-Olympics campaign a group of artists called Brandalism have toured UK cities, in their own version of the torch relay, covering Olympic billboard ads with bespoke spoof interpretations. We have seen content produced for brands like JD sports which we think is more alluring than the original…

 Nike Shoe Boxxxx App

In our digital age brands often use rewards to engage consumers. But, as a mechanism, what is more effective – a physical incentive or a virtual one? Nike’s new Facebook Shoe Boxxxx app offers the latter. Players (avid training fans) can collect and build their very own online shoe museum, learn about their favourite Nikes, trade with others and share with friends. Are there enough sneakerheads to make this brand extension a success?

Cadbury adopts social first strategy

What should come first: social strategy or a branded campaign? Cadbury’s Dairy milk has gone social first to tell the world that their advertising will now be all about chocolate (yes, this means no more gorillas). Social will enable Dairy Milk to give something back to the customer. In turn they hope people will associate happiness with chocolate once again. Not that we ever didn’t! The first leap was their imaginative Joyville brand platform.

The truth behind hidden cameras

The use of social experiments to produce branded content campaigns seems to be on the rise. Last month a couple of us were caught on camera by Birra Moretti in Golden Sq. We won’t spoil it, just have a look at what we did. A similar concept developed for Carlsberg in Hong Kong was filmed around the city using actors to test people’s behaviour and award the ones that “stepped up to do the right thing”. As an approach to content this method can definitely be both cost effective and funny.

Travelling Book Club

Mobile branded content—and we don’t mean the digital sort of mobile!—is an area often explored in the arts. But could a project similar to the recently-launched Mexican Art Book Club be adapted for an electronics or sports brand? The Club hosts a mix of workshops, seminars, and special events in their mobile library.

Better Looking Hatred

Hackers Cheer Up

If you can’t beat them … redesign them? In an attempt to end the “Cyber Wars” between Israel and Arab nations, McCann Digital Israel asked a group of students to redesign 50 webpage and then asked hackers use them in place of ugly hate-banners in future attacks.


A focus on apps and content

Paddy Power Genius

Paddy Power has enlisted her majesty as a spokesperson through the power of technology and a standard £10 note. Customers who download the app can blip any £10 note to see an animated Queen sharing her views on England’s chances, Wayne Rooney’s hair, “the cheating French” (I kid you not), the Germans’ penalty tactics, and anything else that makes the news during the tournament. The content will be randomised and refreshed daily so you will see something new each time you use the app.  For some amusing Euro 2012 coverage follow them on twitter @paddypower

Apps as a broadcast distribution channel

Watching TV on your mobile is increasingly common – fuelled by the Sky sports app I’m sure, and now some producers are looking to mobile as a distribution channel in its own right. The Emmy-winning show The Kennedys has been made available in an iOS app, the first episode is free but the other 7 cost £1.99. Whereas people expect content online to be free, there is a greater acceptance to pay for content within apps which could offer new commercial opportunities for broadcasters.

New Evian fridge magnet designed to drive purchases

The future is automatic – running low on bottled water? Why not restock your fridge using a Evian talented magnet. The concept is simple, tap in your order and using Wi-Fi the magnet sends your order. This gadget has been designed to promote Evian’s new delivery service. Is this next step a wi-fi enabled fridge that orders your Tesco home delivery for you?

Ikea: Kitchen View

Ever wanted to look at the world (or your kitchen) from someone else’s perspective? With a new, interactive website Ikea are letting you do just that. They have designed a site to showcase their kitchens from the view point of different inhabitants, for example through the eyes of a grandma, a three-year-old, a dog and even the fish in the fish tank. Apparently, being the dog asleep on the floor was one of the most popular choices; over 87,000 people selected this option.

Yet another new social network


A cross between speed dating and bookatable ‘Dining with strangers’ is a new kind of social network that allows people who have just moved to a city to meet up for a meal and get to know each other. Creating an account, you’re able to browse what meals are available in your area. Each meal comes with a theme, for example, meet who’s new in town, meet singles and meet anime lovers. This is potentially a great idea with many commercial opportunities for brands to get involved with, if they recruit the users.

Sweden gives citizens full reign of its Twitter account

A tourist destination with a twitter feed that has drawn the bizarre connection between Hitler and Dolphins – unlike most countries Sweden’s rather outspoken twitter account is written by a rather candid set of citizens. Check it out @Sweden! This risky yet innovative idea could be a way of attracting visitors (or scaring them off) by portraying an honest id of the nation. If brands tried this would all the reviews they never wanted anyone to read creep to the surface?

Digital content: The new and unusual

In a constantly evolving market it is interesting to see how our favourites brands adapt their messages.  This week we look at physical keepsakes of digital content, redefining what an music album is and handful of unlikely brand and content partnerships.



f2 520x313 Frommees: This startup creates physical keepsakes for digital content

In their simplest form a Frommee is a physical keepsake of digital content. Each token has a unique code and once registered, you can add digital content of any kind. You give your Frommee to a friend or leave it somewhere to be found and you can track the travel information from your Frommee on the site. From a brand perspective – how do you think they could use these innovative keepsakes to get their message out to the world?

Kaiser Chiefs – The future is medieval

For their latest album the Kaiser Chiefs wanted to make a big impression. The brand have attempted to re-define the album and offer a more personalised approach. Fans can visit a micro site and choose from among 20 tracks to pick their top 10 to make it onto their album. We were thinking this could work even better if you could add a message and gift to someone.


The new rival to Groupon

A new service called Wrapp allows people to send their Facebook friends free gift cards of $5-15, to be redeemed with certain brands. H&M and Gap have already joined but why would a brand want to give away free gift cards? One spokeswomen explains that rather than spending money on advertising in the hope it will lead to sales, this approach offers much greater ROI because a gifting a discount to your target audience is much more likely to end in a sale. On to a winner I think.

An unlikely partnership – Coca Cola and Michigan

A brand partnership with little or no association – images of Michigan’s sparkling waters will soon be featured alongside cokes logo to inspire people to experience pure Michigan. Perhaps Atlanta (the home of coke) would have been a more understandable brand vehicle for Coca Cola to attach itself to. Similar to Scotland and Highland which is a great example of win-win brand aligned partnership marketing.

Meet Phil Pace

Here’s an odd little number which definitely had us scratching our heads. What initially appears to be a mini documentary about a bodybuilder, takes you on a journey truly drawing you into his story. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so watch for yourself. Although rather unusual, this guy’s unusual story does have potential to become a mini series.

Content, Digital and Strictly Come Dancing

This week we are using the notion of  “having your fingers in too many pies” –  can this confuse a brands message or objectives? Brands such as Help have been very successful in building an identity a through simple run but hugely effective campaigns. On the other hand we also look at those whose  innovative ideas hinder rather than help the user experience. Stopping the music video to shop for items of clothing almost makes the music video experience pointless.


Pepsi partners with Twitter to launch ‘Pulse’ digital dashboard

After the launch of global “Live for Now” campaign, has been completely taken over by ‘Pulse’, a newly launched real-time digital platform that curates fans’ generated content, Twitter posts, Pinterest & pictures. Pepsi’s celebrity ambassadors encourage people to get involved and fans can win prizes. Despite maybe trying too hard to include everything that’s hot at the moment with no cohesive aim, it’s brave to see a brand using their official site to focus on engagement rather than product.

Want to take part in Strictly Come Dancing?

BBC Worldwide are building on the success of the show by creating an online game. Fans can create their own avatar, choose a professional dance partner and compete against other players. Although the game is free to play, there is a micro payments system to get costume upgrades, perhaps deeper tans. The success of Zynga (makers of Farmville) show that online casual gaming is not just for kids.

Music & Advertising

First shoppable music video

With heavy product placement common to many of the latest music videos, artists are increasingly looking to partner with brands. This example of an interactive music video lets people shop the artists look and is slicker looking than most. It’s important this approach is tonally appropriate for the audience but could be relevant when the content brief has a close tie to product such as tutorials, or an approach One Sony could take to push product through Sony Music artists.

Shazam partners up with ITV for bespoke branded content opportunities

Shazam, the app that recognises a song through a smart phone microphone, has partnered with ITV so viewers can interact with TV ads. Kraft has used it to give people recipes using Philadelphia when they Shazam the TV ad’s soundtrack. Recipes seems a bit boring as most people can google these from their laptop anyway. We think receiving something a little more surprising could be great for brand engagement. An idea for Lynx anyone?

Our favourite new brand

Help your headache

A great example of a brand taking care of their entire comms, from product, packaging all the way through to marketing. Beauty in keeping it simple.

One for the office

Sustainable pedal-powered meeting table

WeBike is the first meeting table that converts human energy into electricity through pedals allowing users to work, exercise and generate electricity at the same time. Working their way to get their phone charged could actually teach people not to take electric energy for granted!

New opportunities for branded content

Think of this space as a pre-roll in YouTube…. How can brand make the most of this new opportunity?  This week Juiced gives you a sneak peak into Doves new hacking app, Googles ‘I cried’ button and an app which may make Lego fanatics more than a little bit happy.


Dove’s app to replace negative Facebook ads

Although a little (very) cheesy, the technology behind this app could be a lot fun. Basically it lets women on Facebook hack in and replace the online ads promoting weight loss, boob job etc with more positive body image ads. Users can choose a group of women to send these ads to. Imagine if a brand like Pepperoni or WKD got their hands on this app and gave people the option for far more cheeky messages.


Want to convey more than just a like to a video?

Project Goodcry is an experiment to make crying a collective experience. Google Chrome users can now download an ‘I cried button’ on Youtube and the top ranked videos are collected on the Goodcry website. As an engagement company we are generally focussed on enjoyment, is there ever a role for creating content that evokes a sorrow?

Lego stop motion

To promote their new Super Heroes Collection Lego have released a free Super Hero movie maker for iOS. The app makes capturing stop motion on your mobile really easy and you can choose from 11 customisable title cards and 5 soundtracks. Any chance to get our Sony tutorials into the community..?

Youtube launches Adwords for video

Potentially big news for us. More demand for content, less media agency middlemen… Just need to convince people that pre-roll is an opportunity for content campaigns rather than an outlet for ads.

Social Media

Pinterest fashion show in real time

This week fashion house Oscar de la Renta live-pinned photos of their latest bridal collection in a real-time catwalk show, along with images from backstage. What is our POV on brand engagement within this new platform. Are there opportunities for M&S fashion on Pinterest?

Interesting and engaging advertising formats

Not quite vibrating Nokia tattoo’s but this weeks Juiced brings you Google’s augmented reality glasses, miniature billboards, Facebook film casting and a kissable pop star poster – which is both interesting, engaging all be it slightly unhygienic.

Brand Engagement

Legoland places miniature billboards made of legos around London

In an interesting new campaign Lego went big with small ads to create great advertising and a lot of small talk around town. To promote new attractions at LEGOLAND – Agency DLKW created 12-inch high signs, made of Lego and placed them around London. With a game like vibe people were able to find the signs guided by Google maps and then share their photos on Twitter using a special hashtag. The use of social engagement maximised the campaigns reach to impressive proportions.

Today’s weird idea from the future: Ads that want to kiss you

Perhaps the most unhygienic campaign of the week goes to a group of Japanese scientists who created digital adverts interactive enough you can kiss them. The digital posters come complete with ultra-sound sensors that change the image to a kissy face as you approach. With further research scientists are hoping this technology will be able to recognise the scent of shampoo or flavour of lip balm. Splitting opinion- is this invention incredibly cool or are the ramifications of this technology both undignified and unsanitary?

Pepsico and Arby’s join trend for offering rewards for engagement

Many brands are jumping on the latest trend of offering rewards for digital engagement. Consumers have come to expect discounts and rewards and as a result we are seeing a lot more brands willing to come up with such goods. There are numerous ways brands are going about this. As a working example Arby’s reward consumers who spend $5 in store earn 10 Facebook credits – this could turn out a useful way to monetise its existing social media network. What is Kameleon’s view on rewarding people for engagement? Do such incentives actually providing meaningful engagement?


A guide to brand building on Pinterest and Tumblr

Should Kameleon make the move to Pinterest and Tumblr? As more brands and companies move to communicate within these mediums we need to re-think (once again) the way we write and present our content to gain maximum traction. Pinterest is predominantly a visual medium whereas Tumblr is more versatile, however, the most successful posts are still those which are visually stimulating. There are four keys points to consider when planning successful content for these mediums; understanding what your audience wants, getting creative with how you title your boards, be willing to show your brands personality and finally write to sell aesthetic. There is definitely something interesting about what people are choosing to pin – we are finding it is usually something that inspires them – brands should take to these media with a similar spirit and enthusiasm.

Google begins testing its augmented reality glasses

This video has had more than 11 million views in 5 days.

If you thought Nokia’s vibrating tattoos were peculiar check out the latest invention from Google. Last week Google gave us a sneak peak at their secret initiative called Project Glass. The glasses are the company’s first venture into wearable computing – check out the video to discover all the potential uses of this new invention. Not available for sale yet Google is trying to stimulate conversation and gain valuable input from a wider audience.

Nissan India launches Bollywood movie cast on Facebook

An interesting move for Nissan India sees them launch the ‘New Star of India’ campaign – creating the world’s first Bollywood movie that was cast on Facebook. With an enormous Bollywood following this campaign paints Nissan in an innovative and fresh light – creating engagement not only within the Bollywood market and aspiring actors but with first time car buyers too. (To watch the short-feature film follow the hyperlink.)

Branded Events

Breakdancing meets soccer in ‘street style’

As we’ve seen in recent Gold research Red Bull are always push the boundaries when it comes to partnering with extreme events on land, sea and sky but this new venture combines two relatively mainstream pastimes  – football and dancing. A somewhat off the wall event that attracts those interested in both or either sports or perhaps an event which may instantly turns off both groups. The fact it’s now a world championship event says to us that it could become the next Olympic sport.

Campaigns for the Social Good

It is always nice to read about brand campaigns developed for the social good. This week Juiced brings you a whole host of different campaigns all facilitating societal change in their own way. It is particularly interesting to see how such campaigns have evolved as technology changes.


One way to motivate people to change their behaviour for the greater social good is through rewards and incorporating a gaming mechanic. Recyclebank–is an online platform in the UK and US with 3 million users that rewards individuals with points and cash rebates for making environmentally conscious decisions, both on and offline. Is gamification something the NHS should consider in trying to get people to lead healthier lives?


 Mxit, South Africa’s largest Social Network, uses innovation and new tools within mobile platforms to facilitate societal change as a model of sustainability. Addressing the relevant needs of the 50 million registered Mxit users, on their social platform of choice (mobile) they support issues that matter to them. One example of this is the Advice Support partnership which is an initiative that enables access to professional counselling on various issues such as HIV, substance abuse and depression via mobile chat.


Mxit also introduced miGOx (My Interactive GOvernment eXperience), a technology platform allowing citizens to access open and available government information via their mobile phone, rendered in a user-friendly interface. It will provide citizens the opportunity to monitor promises on service delivery – if citizens are unhappy about the service delivery then they’ll be able to flag and rank it, making government officials more accountable to their promises to local communities.

Transform your patch

 Why not help transform 1cm2 of your community by buying one of the nation’s favourite drinks. Groundwork in partnership with a handful of soft drink manufacturers have launched this project to make a big difference to outdoor spaces which will give communities more access to outdoor sports, activities and fun. The beauty of this campaign is its simplicity – every drink purchased contributes. Communities can then vote on which piece of land they would like transformed. As a brand engagement agency how could we contribute to the long lasting legacy of this socially good campaign?


Levis has launched an interactive campaign to encourage fans to adopt a lifestyle that is more conscious of water as a precious resource and helps provide water to those without. Users can enter several competitions to unlock WaterCredits to support the initiative and discover the all-important steps into changing your habits to save water every day. To increase engagement this campaign also includes a partnership with Instagram enabling users to upload their own pictures taken at Levis stores to show support for the campaign. Fans can share which challenge they have taken across social media channels and earn as many points as possible.

The good gym

A gym designed for the social good – the twist is that this gym encourages runners to get off the treadmill and run to a destination – the home of an elderly person looking for company. The benefits are that the home owner gets company whilst motivating the runners too – you’re far more inclined to exercise if it stops you letting somebody down. Research has shown 13% of people over 65 in the UK say that they always or often feel lonely, and 17% of those living alone see family and friends less than once a week. This campaign started in Tower Hamlets, aiming to expand in partnership with Olympic Park Legacy Company.

Getting social with intellectual property


NuSound experience for music lovers

A Swedish headphone company and students from Hyper Island have come up with a concept that claims to bring the experience of being at a gig to life online, however you are in charge – interact live with the artist and have a panoramic 360 view of the action. Viewers need a ticket to this viewing and the only way to get a ticket is through a binaural sound treasure hunt.There was some debate as to whether the actual experience will match up to the claims but I think there are two key takeouts – how can we create content viewing experiences as well as tell great stories, and secondly, how can we extend the experience and engage fans before and after the main event. Tickets to the first NuSound gig anyone??


Interest social graphs

People are moving onto social sites that are focussed around specific interests rather than a broad group of connections with friends. As a marketer this should be a far easier opportunity to engage potential consumers but few brands seem to be hot off the mark. We are social recommend fostering discovery with multiple notebooks, include non brand assets and most importantly encourage people to curate. Sony especially should be looking to engage specific communities around photography and stop motion on popular sites such as Pinterest.

Make your own Dominos pizza

A mouthwatering simple piece of engagement which uses the communities tastebuds and creative juices to create and name a new Pizza that will feature in stores for people to get a taste of.

Bribing your advocates..a brand in trouble?

Getting your fans to work for you doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Just a pair of trainers. Skechers identifies the power and ease of getting your biggest fans as advocates. But is free gear the right way to win your fans over? Surely earned media is precisely that – you provide value and engagement and fans will willingly spread the word.


Something we have all been thinking about since learning lunch – 3 hazards with IP and social media (US focussed but we should be clear on the UK standpoint); pictures on Twitter are still subject to copyright and we need to be clear where we are sourcing our images from,don’t just re-post content but transform it and add our own POV, parodies are danger.


City maps via brand logos

How often do you give directions by saying ‘look out for the Apple store’. One app manufacturer has created a map that uses retail landmarks instead of road names. Purpose-led maps seem to make much more sense – imagine maps of bars, parks, record shops etc. If this takes off we could see it being sold to phone brands, tourism councils or even lonely planet.


Angry birds to appear in a Walmart near you

A stream of new tech savvy punters will flock to traditional Walmart stores trying to find hidden gems for the new Angry Birds game. Angry Birds will receive an unbelievable reach across America’s non-digital land. A mutual benefit from two very different perspectives.

Personalised branded content at its best


Coca-Cola eyes Olympic velodrome naming rights

Can Coca-Cola build a long term success of the Olympic Park velodrome if the brand is granted the naming rights? The O2 or the Emirates are two such success stories. As Coca-Cola aims to capitalise on it’s sponsorship of London 2012 it’s interesting to consider what they may intend to do with the space after the Olympics, and how they plan to name it?

Engagement in retail

Ted Baker customers can become an artist’s muse in store

A fun initiative sees Ted Baker create a live art event for consumers in store. The digital service called ‘Ted’s drawing room’ will give 100 customers the opportunity to get their photograph recreated by a top illustrator. The finished portraits will be sent to their owners and will be displayed on Ted Baker’s facebook page – live footage will also be broadcast. As the ease of online shopping continues to threaten the high street I expect we’ll see more brands using their retail stories to host events to bring in the crowds.


Diet Coke announces Jean Paul Gaultier as Creative Director 

Jean Paul Gaultier has created a series of short films titled ‘The Serial Designer’ launched on Facebook as part of his new role. Each film features one of the Diet Coke Puppets and Gaultier helps to solve their fashion emergencies. Working with Gaultier is a massive coup but I’m disappointed by the content – the narrative is weak and the product placement feels too overt, it seems more like an ad. Also there is no call to interact despite the content being hosted on Facebook.

Fat Duck’s reservation experience

Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop. from The Neighbourhood on Vimeo.

The Fat Duck is famous for creating an immersive dining experience, however with a waiting list of about 2 months, how do you keep diners excited? Heston Blumenthal’s team have come up with an idea to engage diners before they’ve even got to the restaurant – after booking, customers get a url which takes them on an animated journey evoking the memory of being a kid in a sweet shop, and binaural sound features too! Anyone that completes the experience also get a digital souvenir. Personalised brand content at it’s best!

BBC to introduce paid download store

Codenamed Project Barcelona the iTunes style store will allow viewers to pay to download programming. Thompson said ‘the BBC iPlayer is the most successful used catch-up service in the world but it’s true that after that 7 day public service window, a large proportion is never seen again’…The window would be non-exclusive and all this content would be made available for producers to exploit in any way they wish.


PG Tips is ‘most engaged with UK’ brand on Facebook

PG Tips is the most engaged with brand and it’s not all about the number of fans. According to research, nearly 2 out of 10 fans actively responded to the brand’s page over a week by liking, commenting, posting, responding to polls or sending RSVPs. If like me, you are wondering how they do this it’s simple –they focus posts around the lovable ‘Monkey’ and Jonny Vegas. Brands need a personality and great content to maintain engagement beyond marketing campaigns to grow fan acquisition.

Adprovising: Agile marketing made easy

Not only did SXSW (9-13 March) social media carnival throw up some great trends as seen last week with Me-TV but it produced a great variety of talks. This one was easy to share, so, I’m sharing it! Hyper Island’s Tim Leake gave a great, thought provoking talk on Adprovising: Agile marketing made easy – check out the link.

Agency uses app to find their interns

Are we looking to vet any new interns – why not use an app to do it? A bit on the ‘digital savvy/crazy’ side the app assesses applicants by asking them to draw a picture for a given word. The agency behind this believes the key to successful messages is simplicity. If you fancy your changes why not download the app and get drawing.

The Industry

 SXSW Festival: POV piece

A festival famous for highlighting the ‘things to come’ there are 3 connected trends emerging from this year – which will have both an impact on brand reputation and comms. They are crowd-sourcing ‘social’ and privacy. All of which are set to revolutionise traditional practise – we are in an area of networked intelligence and cracking the code will lead to more successful aggregation and understanding of engagement.

The changing pattern of content distribution

Content distribution

The Me-TV Trend













One of the key trends to come out of SXSW – new personalised entertainment platforms to help aggregate the increasing amount of content online, and help you find more to your taste. One such platform is – an online platform that aggregates all the videos being recommended by family and friends on Facebook and Twitter into a single video channel, imagine a personalised Youtube. As these services move to the cloud, people will be able to access their content anywhere and consume it on their preferred device.

Branded content

Nike styles young Paris basketball team

Pigalle Paris ‘BARBES BASKETBALL’ from PIGALLE PARIS on Vimeo.

French clothing boutique Pigalle Paris has set up the Amateur Basketball project to support teams with a  strong sporting and social background. Their first initiative, aided by Nike Stadium Paris and Nike Bowery New York, has been to remake the outfits for local team Goutte d’Or Basket Ball from Barbès. The team received first class sports equipment and a well-defined graphic identity. Beautifully shot video too from Nike, as you would expect.


10 changes to Facebook you need to know

The blurring of paid, owned and earned media, timelines to show a brand’s history and the ever increasing need for great customer service.

C4 to launch 4seven channel

Channel 4 is to launch 4seven, a TV channel powered in part by social media and viewer feedback, that lets you watch shows again from the past 7 days that have been talked about on social media. Personally with the popularity of 4oD I think this announcement offers little to viewers, but does help C4 promote their programming.

Coca-Cola having fun












Coca-Cola have posting a series of riddles to their Facebook fans Even if they pop I smile, It’s no secret why, The soapy rainbow swirls, Are magic to my eye. I love looking up at clouds, And blowing …in the …com. Think you’ve solved it – got to the url. A nice reminder that a brand needs to have a personality.