Surreal Engagement

Charity content with a difference

The Rainforest Alliance have diverged from the standard emotional tone of charity content to create a very truthful, insightful and funny piece of content to kick start their campaign.  This content approach is far more likely to be shared and to further encourage this the target number of views is overlaid onto the video – another easy way to feel you are helping.

MF Doom ranks highly

Adidas have brought in another celebrity to their fold – this time in the form of lesser-known MF Doom:  a hip hop artist who has come out of graffiti artist retirement for one exclusive night. Partnering with an urban legend to follow his story has resulted in this being one of the most shared videos on the internet this week.

Halo 4

After five years, a new Halo game is being released and the team at Xbox recruited their super fans (global competition winners) to become, quite literally, part of the game.  Plunged into a real-life version of the game in Lichtenstein, the gamers got truly engaged.  Internal Kameleon debate questioned whether the content was for trade or consumer purposes though.  Although involving and engaging the consumer, the main contributions for the piece were by Executive Producers and Creators of the game, making it feel more like a video-versioned press release.

Interactive Skin

Burt’s Bees displayed a billboard of coupons prompting passers-by to each take one off thereby transforming the lady’s skin in the image – effectively making an interactive ‘before and after’ shot.  This content works because – within a small budget – the campaign utilises three marketing elements: direct marketing; a live, real-life event; and branded content.  The spontaneity of the content makes for a very shareable video with over 50,000 views in less than 2 weeks – quite remarkable for a relatively, low-interest product.

The floor’s falling away!

LG took over an office lift and replaced the floor with their new IPS monitors showing an image of the floor falling away.  The product is seamlessly integrated within the content making this prank-style video go viral.

Sound Taxi

Make The City Sound Better is a campaign for AIAIAIs latest headphone-release.

They’ve equipped a London taxi with microphones that record its surrounding noise, and converts this into unique music in real time as it drives through the city. A great idea to demonstrate the product benefits in a fun way.


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