Celebrate success in splendour: Kameleons in Paris

Delectable Mr Continental:  The lure of Paris

Carte Noire coffee has a series of videos to seduce female coffee lovers, using male models to woo them with their mouth-watering words.  In this video, Mr Continental (who’s French, obvs) offers to go and change all the light bulbs in the house, while the viewer sips the perfect cup of coffee…  Bonjour!

Gastronomy and Automobiles:  Everyone deserves a treat

Renault has this week unveiled a new car at the Paris Motor Show.  This new Renault Clio is made by famous pastry chef, Pierre Herme; the car is made from chocolate.  Parallels can be drawn between the new vehicle and the chocolate sculpture:  the designs are both unique and technically accurate.  This film conveys the thought, time and skill that go into carving out this perfect, delectable and distinctive vehicle.

Dressing for dinner

Louis Vuitton briefed filmmakers to answer set questions around encounters in a personal video.  Travel is at the heart of Louis Vuitton’s brand, and this set of films, produced for the Journeys Awards, conveys that message.  With a high production value and artistic vision, the films were shown in Louis Vuitton’s in-store cinema.

Success and Glamour:  Raising a glass

How can we go to Paris without mentioning what we plan to drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Moet & Chandon used this content to prove the sparkle of their champagne alludes to success and glamour, celebration and grandeur.  The content dazzles the viewer with a history of the brand, narrated by an aspirational figure, Scarlett Johansson.

Guetta’s Got Twizy: After dark dancing

Famous, French record producer and DJ, David Guetta and his wife have designed the new Renault Twizy.  Inspired by the world of clubbing, this car is brightly coloured, has flashing lights and a racing car-themed interior.  The content shows off the vehicle to David Guetta’s soundtrack: ‘The Alphabet’ track is used to raise momentum and maintain interest from the younger generation and fans of clubbing who this car would be attractive to.

A rendezvous

Chic, suave and sexy, Jude Law personifies the Dior Homme scent in this Guy Ritchie-directed film.  The male scent from Christian Dior is seemingly utterly distinguishable, even amongst the sleek backdrop of romantic Paris.  Let’s hope that we bump into Jude ..

Feeling good:  The journey home

Directed to families with young children, The Family Wellbeing Index from Actimel attempts to engage customers with their new platform.  Families are encouraged to answer simple questions to determine their family type and in return, Actimel offers actionable, personalised solutions including food, play, learn and exercise tips to promote family wellbeing.


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