Affiliation, Uniqueness and Identity

Expedia Find Yours

Expedia have created a series of human stories, both user-generated content and selective brand-produced films to convey their personal touch – every trip is unique and transformative. Working with travel bloggers, this approach aims to provide the Expedia brand with an aspirational identity, rather than a quick booking site.

I’m Not Rafa!

PokerStars have drafted in Spanish tennis player, Rafa Nidal, to rehearse his bluffing skills in an amusing piece of content which promotes the recently opened online poker market in Spain.  The film shows Rafa posing as a receptionist at a Golf Course in Mallorca, and trying to convince customers that he’s not the tennis star. The release date of the film is pertinent too; with the Ryder Cup in full swing this week, this content will generate a strong dialogue for the brand.

Asos & Puma in Brazil

Politically-charged, Brazilian graffiti artists are the stars of Asos’ gritty, mini-film to promote their new association with Puma X Black. With brand logos noticeably absent, the film delivers the typical Puma, everyday athlete vibe, and is filled with street cred to engage a young male audience.

Why VW?

September 17th saw Volkswagen debut their campaign for drivers to share their stories, be it unforgettable road trips, fun first dates or sustainable customisations of their cars.  Volkswagen has invited their customers to tell the online community why they love their car and share their fondest memories of it.  By asking their consumers to define what Volkswagen means to them, the power and scope of the carefully curated campaign rests on who is most important to the brand.


Despite our internal debate as to whether the Democrat Party should be considered a brand, this Obama campaign video certainly garners attention:  Samuel J. Jackson has been recruited by the Jewish Council for Education and Research to speak frankly to young people about the importance of voting, canvassing and donating to Obama’s re-election campaign.  Filled with crucial facts, this humorous, no-nonsense film endorses Obama’s manifesto and inspires the viewers to get up and get engaged, and with over half a million shares in the last five days, this video is set to go viral.



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