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Taking on branded content

Calling all 007s…

Nick Grimshaw and the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show asked their audience to recreate a favourite Bond scene, with a chance of meeting and interviewing Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris as the prize.  Listeners were encouraged to produce a one-minute video and upload it to YouTube.  To kick-start the campaign and inspire the public to get involved, Greg James, one of the DJs on Radio 1, made his own video in which he emerges from the sea à la Daniel Craig – which has now gone viral.

70 second win

At a local train station, Coke Zero challenged unsuspecting passers-by to unlock the 007 in them for a chance to win exclusive tickets to the new Bond film.  In true James Bond style, contestants had to go the extra mile—overcoming obstacles and delays in less than 70 seconds to win.  Brilliant content by Coke. It looks like there’s a little 007 in everyone.

Sony brings it all together

Making brilliant use of their leading music, movies, games and technology, the Sony Entertainment Network has brought everything they do best under one roof to create unique content. Add a great soundtrack by Swiss Lips (one of their newest artists), and the result is truly inspiring.

Commuters play Beethoven

Great crowd-sourced content brought to you by Nexus (Art of Transport Scheme), with support from FACT Services Liverpool.  At a bus station in Newcastle, commuters and passers-by were invited to contribute a note or two to a Beethoven Sonata – they all lent a hand and shared in a centuries-old musical tradition. Compared to some more elaborate flash mob performances, this is rather simple: less is more.

Check In with the All Blacks

In July this year Mastercard launched “Check In”, a competition in which the winner gets to follow the All Blacks on the Air New Zealand European Tour in November.  This advert, voted New Zealand’s favourite in the Fair Go Best Ad Award, is an amusing and endearing look at the enthusiasm of the All Blacks’ fans, and their relationship with the players.

Oozing aspiration

US luxury gym line Equinox, which launched in London this week, fuses fitness, fashion, and high-quality content focusing on brand building, aspiration and their award-winning instructors, rather than the physical environment of their gyms. The result is compelling. Will you sign up?



Kameleon’s are back in town…

The Real Bears

The CSPI, a US advocacy group with aim of promoting health and nutrition, have created a short film featuring animated polar bears who suffer with problems associated with excessive fizzy drink consumption, including tooth decay, the onset of diabetes and even erectile dysfunction.  What makes this most effective in getting the message across is the use of some recognisable ‘happy’ polar bears.

Answering Back

The “CEO” of Bodyform had a potential PR nightmare on her hands: a male Facebook user wrote to them saying that Bodyform’s adverts had misinformed him of women’s periods, setting him up for a fall. Their response: to create a tongue in cheek video for women and tell the truth to all other men. Crafty buggers.

Man Reminder

Whilst on the subject of men… Rethink Breast Cancer have cleverly created a Man Reminder App and accompanying advert.  Using attractive men in their content has allowed for a fun approach to push forward a serious message, which reduces the scary aspect of checking for signs of breast cancer. It’s not only memorable but users will look forward to receiving reminders and women will want to share the messages with friends.


Basketball viewers, fans and teammates are all in it together, rooting for D Rose to return to The Chicago Bulls after suffering with an injury. His passion for the sport, his determination and professionalism are inspiring character traits that the basketball player displays in the series for Adidas, which charts his return to the court.

Road Bike Party

Martyn Ashton has teamed up with WD40 and taken a £10,000 road bike for the ride of its life. Road Bike Party captures some of the toughest stunts ever from a Tour de France-winning bike.  ‘Hero’ videos such as these drive traffic to YouTube sites and are perfect fodder for sports fans who might want inspiration to oil up their old bike.


Greggs is promoting their Halloween products through a new piece of branded content called ‘Britain Prepare for Zombies: Only Humans Allowed’ where zombies invade a Greggs cafe. This, in conjunction with live sampling events in high footfall areas where consumers can try the products and take photos of themselves with the zombie bakers, is an excellent example of appropriately tent-poling their branded content.


Norton Antivirus and Yahoo have teamed up to create a brand new online series, a crime drama called ‘Cybergeddon’.  Developed by Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of TV crime drama CSI, this series is high quality and perfect for the tech-literate audience who will engage with the show, take advantage of the bonus material and Norton offers.

Dear 16 year-old me

The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund have asked real people, not actors, to tell their true, emotional and powerful stories to the next generation to try and prevent as many lives being touched by melanoma.  The video is heartfelt and honest, and attempts to speak to sixteen year olds who can change their habits to save their lives.

Celebrate success in splendour: Kameleons in Paris

Delectable Mr Continental:  The lure of Paris

Carte Noire coffee has a series of videos to seduce female coffee lovers, using male models to woo them with their mouth-watering words.  In this video, Mr Continental (who’s French, obvs) offers to go and change all the light bulbs in the house, while the viewer sips the perfect cup of coffee…  Bonjour!

Gastronomy and Automobiles:  Everyone deserves a treat

Renault has this week unveiled a new car at the Paris Motor Show.  This new Renault Clio is made by famous pastry chef, Pierre Herme; the car is made from chocolate.  Parallels can be drawn between the new vehicle and the chocolate sculpture:  the designs are both unique and technically accurate.  This film conveys the thought, time and skill that go into carving out this perfect, delectable and distinctive vehicle.

Dressing for dinner

Louis Vuitton briefed filmmakers to answer set questions around encounters in a personal video.  Travel is at the heart of Louis Vuitton’s brand, and this set of films, produced for the Journeys Awards, conveys that message.  With a high production value and artistic vision, the films were shown in Louis Vuitton’s in-store cinema.

Success and Glamour:  Raising a glass

How can we go to Paris without mentioning what we plan to drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Moet & Chandon used this content to prove the sparkle of their champagne alludes to success and glamour, celebration and grandeur.  The content dazzles the viewer with a history of the brand, narrated by an aspirational figure, Scarlett Johansson.

Guetta’s Got Twizy: After dark dancing

Famous, French record producer and DJ, David Guetta and his wife have designed the new Renault Twizy.  Inspired by the world of clubbing, this car is brightly coloured, has flashing lights and a racing car-themed interior.  The content shows off the vehicle to David Guetta’s soundtrack: ‘The Alphabet’ track is used to raise momentum and maintain interest from the younger generation and fans of clubbing who this car would be attractive to.

A rendezvous

Chic, suave and sexy, Jude Law personifies the Dior Homme scent in this Guy Ritchie-directed film.  The male scent from Christian Dior is seemingly utterly distinguishable, even amongst the sleek backdrop of romantic Paris.  Let’s hope that we bump into Jude ..

Feeling good:  The journey home

Directed to families with young children, The Family Wellbeing Index from Actimel attempts to engage customers with their new platform.  Families are encouraged to answer simple questions to determine their family type and in return, Actimel offers actionable, personalised solutions including food, play, learn and exercise tips to promote family wellbeing.

Affiliation, Uniqueness and Identity

Expedia Find Yours

Expedia have created a series of human stories, both user-generated content and selective brand-produced films to convey their personal touch – every trip is unique and transformative. Working with travel bloggers, this approach aims to provide the Expedia brand with an aspirational identity, rather than a quick booking site.

I’m Not Rafa!

PokerStars have drafted in Spanish tennis player, Rafa Nidal, to rehearse his bluffing skills in an amusing piece of content which promotes the recently opened online poker market in Spain.  The film shows Rafa posing as a receptionist at a Golf Course in Mallorca, and trying to convince customers that he’s not the tennis star. The release date of the film is pertinent too; with the Ryder Cup in full swing this week, this content will generate a strong dialogue for the brand.

Asos & Puma in Brazil

Politically-charged, Brazilian graffiti artists are the stars of Asos’ gritty, mini-film to promote their new association with Puma X Black. With brand logos noticeably absent, the film delivers the typical Puma, everyday athlete vibe, and is filled with street cred to engage a young male audience.

Why VW?

September 17th saw Volkswagen debut their campaign for drivers to share their stories, be it unforgettable road trips, fun first dates or sustainable customisations of their cars.  Volkswagen has invited their customers to tell the online community why they love their car and share their fondest memories of it.  By asking their consumers to define what Volkswagen means to them, the power and scope of the carefully curated campaign rests on who is most important to the brand.


Despite our internal debate as to whether the Democrat Party should be considered a brand, this Obama campaign video certainly garners attention:  Samuel J. Jackson has been recruited by the Jewish Council for Education and Research to speak frankly to young people about the importance of voting, canvassing and donating to Obama’s re-election campaign.  Filled with crucial facts, this humorous, no-nonsense film endorses Obama’s manifesto and inspires the viewers to get up and get engaged, and with over half a million shares in the last five days, this video is set to go viral.