Branded Content gets Physical


Physical meets Digital: Burberry World Live

Branded content meets real-life shopping experience in Burberry’s landmark London store launched this week. Burberry garments are equipped with RFID microchips hidden within, so that when a customer approaches a mirror wearing the item, the mirror transforms into a screen playing videos of the garment on the catwalk and how the item was made.  This is a pioneering way to bring content into the physical world.


There’s No Place like Home

This London Fashion Week has been bursting with digital content but this piece, starring the designer Dominic Wilcox, showcases a unique and innovative idea with appeal beyond the front rows. Marking the launch of Global Footprint’s ‘Guide Me Home’ shoes, Wilcox explains the history and concept behind his invention: GPS navigation shoes with LED lights that direct the wearer to their required destination anywhere in the world.

No Place Like Home from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.


New MTV Platform reveals Potential of Content Wealth

MTV is mobilising its content wealth to attract brand partnerships. A new international, multiplatform, fashion and style destination will launch in the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. This platform will aim at targeting style-savvy 18-to-34-year-olds. Offering access to vast entertainment archives and exclusive content in music, fashion and pop culture, MTV is creating a unique proposition for brands looking to connect with this key demographic.


Skittles: Interactive Theatre

A brand known for their off-the-wall online content, Skittles have released a new faux interactive piece that is attracting attention. In Skittles: Interactive Theatre the audience can direct their own story – as long as your name is Bernice…  Rather than distributing the video through their popular, official Youtube channels, Skittles have targeted potential fans through comedic video website Funny or Die.


Nike’s Snowboarding Project

Nike has forged the way in beautiful content creation in the sport arena. This snowboarding project once again sees them openly collaborate with filmmakers to focus on an area of branded content largely dominated by the likes of Red Bull, GoPro and Relentless. Beautifully shot with the brand taking a low profile in favour of viewer entertainment.


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