The Good, The Bad, & The Beautiful

The future of content – prêt-á-porter?

Brand Content went high-tech & haute couture this summer when Google hit the catwalk with fashion heavyweight Diane Von Furstenberg to showcase ‘Google Project Glass’. Augmented reality enhanced glasses worn by models & designers recorded runway footage for “DVF Through Glass.” The film, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look into DVF’s creative process, was released yesterday on the designer’s Google+ page and YouTube channel.

The Beauty Inside

Intel & Toshiba’s remarkable new content project, “The Beauty Inside”, is a crowd-sourced hybrid of film and social media that riffs on the iconic “Intel Inside” tagline. The two tech brands collaborated on the project—not only with each other, but with the audience.  The interactive four-part film tells the story of Alex, a regular guy who wakes up every day looking like someone else. The twist… this someone could be you.

Audition now at

Peugeot wide of the mark?

Automotive content and interactive games are a great fit, as demonstrated in Mercedes’s successful escape the map campaign. But Peugeot’s latest offering, a graphic novel based on its HYbrid4 technology, looks to have fallen short. Limited interactivity, and content that feels like a slave to the product, make this feel more like advertising than Brand Content we want to spend time with. What do you think?

The Lego Story

How should a brand celebrate an iconic moment in its history? Lego chose to stay current.

For the brand’s 80th birthday, Lego has produced a charming animated film which tells the rollercoaster story of the historic family business, showcasing dedication to core values through changing times and fortune. With over 2.3 million views in the last month, it looks like these old boys won’t be left behind in the digital age.



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