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Power, Precision and Control

Danny MacAskill vs San Francisco

Danny MacAskill is an internationally-acclaimed street trials rider who asserts in this Remington film that life as a rider ‘takes power, precision and control.’ We watch beautiful and dangerous shots of him riding through the city of San Francisco. Only the final credits link him to the brand itself, Remington’s Touch Control Male Grooming range. The film was released as part of a series to promote the range, with other films starring F1 drivers and parkour stars.


Topshop Goes Interactive

Topshop have successfully commercialised their Facebook audience – turning ‘likes’ into sales.  While the catwalk show of new season’s trends was being streamed live over Facebook, fans had the opportunity to share photos of the key looks, buy clothes and accessories for delivery within six to eight weeks as well as browse colour options and order makeup for delivery within 48 hours – much sooner than the arrival of garments into stores.

In an interview with Reuters, Justin Cooke, the Topshop chief marketing officer, said, “People have been trying to figure out for some time, how do you make these ‘likes’ into something relevant, how does the social aspect mix with your brand, and I think we are going to be the first brand to unlock that, we’re going to be the case study …(to) commercialise that social audience.”


Non semper erit aestas

Sadly, it will not always be summer, as epitomised by not only the weather in London this week, but also the stunning A/W William Tempest for River Island collection which entered selected stores on Monday.  The second biannual FASH/ON Film Festival premiered Ryan Hope’s 11 minute film, which displays the 13-piece capsule collection at a fantastical party in a secluded mansion.  The purpose of the film is to stimulate and promote the growth of the brand, whilst forging relationships between fashion designers and an emerging film-maker.  Moreover, the film highlights London as integral to the digital revolution.


Channel surfing is not a sport

Puma’s Live Life, Don’t Watch It film is an effective campaign.  It urges people to be sociable, slyly warning of the contentment many people have of choosing an easy entertainment choice – TV.  This film celebrates those who create their own stories with their friends and teammates.   The tone of the film allows for time to think about how you live your own life, and proves that fun is attainable.


Fresh Step

Humorous branded content from Fresh Step has racked up nearly half a million views on YouTube in just ten days. And it’s about cat litter. Clearly with a great idea, even the most ostensibly mundane product can be transformed into an engaging, entertaining branded video.


An awesome party

MTV Mobile Europe has launched ‘GIF ME MORE PARTY’ a new integrated campaign showing the features and functions of MTV Mobile through interactive content in partnership with Buzzman Paris.

Experience an ‘awesome’ party (probably spelled parDy) from 50 different perspectives. It’s very MTV. And it’s very engaging.




Branded Content gets Physical


Physical meets Digital: Burberry World Live

Branded content meets real-life shopping experience in Burberry’s landmark London store launched this week. Burberry garments are equipped with RFID microchips hidden within, so that when a customer approaches a mirror wearing the item, the mirror transforms into a screen playing videos of the garment on the catwalk and how the item was made.  This is a pioneering way to bring content into the physical world.


There’s No Place like Home

This London Fashion Week has been bursting with digital content but this piece, starring the designer Dominic Wilcox, showcases a unique and innovative idea with appeal beyond the front rows. Marking the launch of Global Footprint’s ‘Guide Me Home’ shoes, Wilcox explains the history and concept behind his invention: GPS navigation shoes with LED lights that direct the wearer to their required destination anywhere in the world.

No Place Like Home from Dominic Wilcox on Vimeo.


New MTV Platform reveals Potential of Content Wealth

MTV is mobilising its content wealth to attract brand partnerships. A new international, multiplatform, fashion and style destination will launch in the UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. This platform will aim at targeting style-savvy 18-to-34-year-olds. Offering access to vast entertainment archives and exclusive content in music, fashion and pop culture, MTV is creating a unique proposition for brands looking to connect with this key demographic.


Skittles: Interactive Theatre

A brand known for their off-the-wall online content, Skittles have released a new faux interactive piece that is attracting attention. In Skittles: Interactive Theatre the audience can direct their own story – as long as your name is Bernice…  Rather than distributing the video through their popular, official Youtube channels, Skittles have targeted potential fans through comedic video website Funny or Die.


Nike’s Snowboarding Project

Nike has forged the way in beautiful content creation in the sport arena. This snowboarding project once again sees them openly collaborate with filmmakers to focus on an area of branded content largely dominated by the likes of Red Bull, GoPro and Relentless. Beautifully shot with the brand taking a low profile in favour of viewer entertainment.

The Good, The Bad, & The Beautiful

The future of content – prêt-á-porter?

Brand Content went high-tech & haute couture this summer when Google hit the catwalk with fashion heavyweight Diane Von Furstenberg to showcase ‘Google Project Glass’. Augmented reality enhanced glasses worn by models & designers recorded runway footage for “DVF Through Glass.” The film, which gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look into DVF’s creative process, was released yesterday on the designer’s Google+ page and YouTube channel.

The Beauty Inside

Intel & Toshiba’s remarkable new content project, “The Beauty Inside”, is a crowd-sourced hybrid of film and social media that riffs on the iconic “Intel Inside” tagline. The two tech brands collaborated on the project—not only with each other, but with the audience.  The interactive four-part film tells the story of Alex, a regular guy who wakes up every day looking like someone else. The twist… this someone could be you.

Audition now at

Peugeot wide of the mark?

Automotive content and interactive games are a great fit, as demonstrated in Mercedes’s successful escape the map campaign. But Peugeot’s latest offering, a graphic novel based on its HYbrid4 technology, looks to have fallen short. Limited interactivity, and content that feels like a slave to the product, make this feel more like advertising than Brand Content we want to spend time with. What do you think?

The Lego Story

How should a brand celebrate an iconic moment in its history? Lego chose to stay current.

For the brand’s 80th birthday, Lego has produced a charming animated film which tells the rollercoaster story of the historic family business, showcasing dedication to core values through changing times and fortune. With over 2.3 million views in the last month, it looks like these old boys won’t be left behind in the digital age.


Branded content in demand

Champagne content for the holiday season

In the run-up to Christmas, drinks giant Pernod Ricard has turned to branded content to raise the profile of G.H.Mumm Champagne.  The ‘So Champagne’ initiative aims to ‘educate gentleman’ in the art of drinking champers through an online hub, giving the uninitiated lessons in top tipple etiquette. The content series will accompany PR’s ‘Champagne Protocol’ app released earlier this year.
Diversified digital content campaigns look set to top many brands’ holiday wishlist in 2012…

A new Sony make.believe story

What happens when you combine music and gaming? Beck’s latest album has been brought to life in a new game: ‘Sound Shapes’ by PlayStation. Gamers play levels composed around song structures and original artwork, with the lyrics appearing within the built environment.

Mitsubishi Unpretentious

Social media showboating is becoming more and more common – but Mitsubishi has had enough! With its latest campaign Mitsubishi has produced a statement app, ‘Mitsubishi Unpretentious’, which analyses your Facebook friends, drumming up a list of the most pretentious. We don’t want to spoil the ending, but check out the video to see what the new Mitsubishi Outlander does to your pompous friends and their Facebook content.

Skip Ad or Skip Behaviour

Is it possible to convince viewers to ignore the YouTube ‘Skip ad’ button by integrating it into an advert ? This  video for a Chilean environmental care agency does just that. The viewer is confronted with the following options: ‘Skip behaviour’ or ‘Skip ad’, prompting them to question their unecological actions rather than click away. It’s worked on 80,000 people in one week – will it work on you?

Viral video stock exchange

Think you’re pretty good at recognising which YouTube videos will become a viral success and which will peter out? Put your skills to the test with this interactive trading game in whuch users invest in and trade on the viral potential of videos. Be the first to discover a viral video and ride out its success. Give it a go!

A rally call against uniform brands

The Editor of Monocle magazine has written in the FT asking for more brands to aspire to be different, he wants an end to uniform brands & marketing. We’ve got a few recent examples of brands seeking to stand out through humour and the personal touch.

A rally call against uniform brands

The Editor of Monocle magazine pens an article in the FT claiming the business problem facing publishers and airlines is actually one of differentiation. “Spend a bit of time at a US news stand and it’s clear that the crisis in the magazine industry isn’t so much about plastering covers with hash-tags, the problem is that everything feels and looks alarmingly the same”. As brand publishers – identify & listen to your niche audience and be brave with the content you produce.

Fancy a free 4 pack?

This week Grolsch have created an interactive campaign featuring the detective Journt Von Deg. The content shows the detective sitting in a bar with a business card and the obligatory pint of Grolsch. Users are then asked to text the number on the card with their name. See it for yourself here.

Muscle Music

Viral ads go interactive on vimeo. In the latest Old Spice ad, which has been coined a ‘technological and pectoral breakthrough’, users are invited to use Terry Crews muscles to   control a variety of musical instruments. The real fun is creating and recording your own muscle music. If you’re struggling why not use the cheat sheet for a bit of inspiration.

Get your name engraved on a commemorative bean

Heinz Beanz: brand to offer new sauce and social media competition

Brands often seek to expand into new sectors of the market and increase demand for new products. With the launch of their ‘Five Beanz’ range, Heinz is no exception. They’ve created an app to let consumers discover the bean that fits their personality, and then have the chance to win their own personalised Heinz bean, which will have their name engraved on it. The quirky campaign has every hallmark of being a cult Facebook hit.