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Branded content

Monsoon and Accessorize Move into Digital

Monsoon Discover: design retailer to offer dedicated editorial content online

Monsoon and Accessorize have launched a major new area of digital content on their websites this week. Monsoon Discover provides customers with articles surrounding the origins and ethics of their clothing, and includes a travel section featuring places such as Jaipur, India, which has inspired several of the pieces in the current collection. With magazine-style articles and contributions from professional travel writers, it looks set to become a market leader for retail fashion content in the future.

5 Reasons your Branded Content is Failing

Brand’s are recognising the need to build their owned media channels and act more like a publisher. However this is still in its infancy and there are many lessons to be learnt. Here’s 5 common mistakes to consider; you haven’t developed a brand voice, self-promotion & pushing product is too heavy handed, you’re not guest writing anywhere, you’re not distributing your content to new audiences, you’re not tailoring your content mix to the needs of the platform.

Go Pro: The HD Hero 2

Almost all of this week’s Viral Video Ad Chart is composed of longer form branded content, and Go Pro – the first name in action cameras, is the latest brand trying this approach. There are many ways to create a camera advert, the first two that come to mind are 30 second spots featuring the shiny little box from all angles (in a range of colours, don’t you know) or groups of young, fresh-faced friends snapping their fun times. Go Pro instead decided to show how good their product is by shooting a 5 min film with it, which has so far received over 14,000,000 views.

Agencies & Lifestyles of the future

Imagining the future

How will developments within mobile, social and local shape our lives in the future? The brand consultancy team at Wolff Olins build on Mary Meekers Internet Trend Report to make some predictions…will we soon be watching Match Of The Day composed by 40,000 people filming from every angle and paying digital buskers through contactless payments?

Enabling Agile Creativity in Agencies

As brand communication needs to be increasingly of the moment, traditional ad agencies need to evolve to be faster and more flexible. Think with Google have released 7 tips for greater agility and those centred around increasing collaboration are especially relevant for our move to Kameleon’s new office.


Sports, Beer & Sausage Rolls

London 2012

Never mind the brand police, here are the best “Fauxlympic” ads

The Long Shot: Bronze

In the spirit of the Olympics, creative agencies across the country have let their imaginations run free, producing spoof campaigns based on the games for a contest organised by The Drum magazine. Check out the winners to see who won faux gold. Just don’t tell the IOC!

… but which real ad is topping the social podium?

Which Olympic sponsor produced the most shared video content? Find out who’s become the viral Usain Bolt with this quick but cute game from Unruly Media.

Beer nurtures creativity!

Heineken looks for the perfect draught experience…

It’s not unusual for brands to launch a rebranding competition. But inviting people to reinvent their consumption habits is something new. This is what Heineken has in mind with the launch of their Ideas Brewery Challenge, a worldwide competition to reinvent the draught beer experience through digital technology, social media, and interactivity.

… and Stella Artois to fund film workshops

Stella cultivated its association with film through the launch of the Stella Artois Cannes Cinema Club earlier this year. The campaign is now set to expand, with the brand providing funds for special workshops to give cinema lovers the chance to learn from the most influential experts in the industry.

Social Media & Sausage Rolls

Greggs looks for their biggest fan

Greggs: pushing on from half a million Facebook fans

Will Greggs’ biggest fan still love Greggs after indulging every week for an entire year? The brand seems to think so. To celebrate reaching half a million fans on Facebook this week, Greggs is hosting a series of social media competitions to encourage fans to bring their virtual sentiment into the real world. The prize for the winner? You guessed it: free Greggs … every week … for a year! We can only hope one of those hungry looking long-distance runners comes out on top.

Olympic campaigns from around the globe

Italy: From gymnasts to Stars thanks to reality show
How do you create engagement and build an audience for a team of athletes who have no sponsors and no fame? MTV Italy created a reality show to follow the lives of 3 members of the Italian Gymnastics team in preparation for their first Olympic adventure. The successful TV format – which tremendously increased the sport’s popularity amongst young girls and also helped the team find sponsors, is now set to be distributed worldwide.

Netherlands: Volkswagen create a cheer powered car to celebrate the Dutch athletes

A common route for brands across the globe to engage Olympic fans has been to offer the chance of free tickets. Volkswagen has taken this one step further by getting fans to prove their passion – by cheering as loud as they can in a car rigged up to run purely off the noise. All the videos of people trying are viewable on their site.

Azerbaijan: The Official Sponsorship of the Azerbaijani Olympic Wrestlers

P&G brand Febreze decided that despite having a host of world class athletes at their disposal, they wanted to move away from the big names and find “the toughest odour challenge of the Olympic Games” – which they decided was wrestling. Upon becoming the official sponsors of the Azerbaijan Olympic Wrestling Team they started a campaign using video content and social media to not only promote the team globally, but also show just how good their products are.

Australia: Qantas community based gymnastics

In the run up to the Olympics sponsors have leveraged their brand ambassadors in several ways. In Australia Qantas developed a community based initiative to tell the story of their most recognised gymnast, Lauren Mitchell. The Gymbus event saw over 120 aspiring gymnasts come together to be coached by Lauren and her team mates. This brand campaign targeted a much younger demographic to most – giving future hopefuls a taste of London 2012 and what may be to come.

USA: Win when the USA wins gold

How have unlikely Olympic sponsors managed to create brand campaigns that target their target audience whilst aligning themselves to the biggest sporting event of 2012? As part of their Olympic campaign, McDonalds is offering rewards ‘as big as a 25k trip to London’ to incentivise consumers to eat healthier. Items containing 400kcal or less will have an athlete’s name on it and if that Olympic athlete wins gold, you win a prize.  With Team USA’s current run of form, McDonalds may giving away quite a few prizes.

World: Phelps honoured as ‘most decorated Olympian’

Not only did the worlds most decorated Olympian, Michael Phelps receive a phone call from President Obama but courtesy of Visa, Phelps was also honoured with a video message of congratulations from Morgan Freeman. Throughout the games brands have been releasing new content to keep up to date.  Yet a day after the content was released, Phelps won another Olympic gold taking his total up to a whopping 20. Who will be next to congratulate the don of swimming?

The best & worst of Olympics Marketing

A useful Pinterest board – with P&G cited as one of the best