The changing face of content

Brandalism and the Olympic Anti-Content

How far should brands go to protect their own content? In a recent anti-Olympics campaign a group of artists called Brandalism have toured UK cities, in their own version of the torch relay, covering Olympic billboard ads with bespoke spoof interpretations. We have seen content produced for brands like JD sports which we think is more alluring than the original…

 Nike Shoe Boxxxx App

In our digital age brands often use rewards to engage consumers. But, as a mechanism, what is more effective – a physical incentive or a virtual one? Nike’s new Facebook Shoe Boxxxx app offers the latter. Players (avid training fans) can collect and build their very own online shoe museum, learn about their favourite Nikes, trade with others and share with friends. Are there enough sneakerheads to make this brand extension a success?

Cadbury adopts social first strategy

What should come first: social strategy or a branded campaign? Cadbury’s Dairy milk has gone social first to tell the world that their advertising will now be all about chocolate (yes, this means no more gorillas). Social will enable Dairy Milk to give something back to the customer. In turn they hope people will associate happiness with chocolate once again. Not that we ever didn’t! The first leap was their imaginative Joyville brand platform.

The truth behind hidden cameras

The use of social experiments to produce branded content campaigns seems to be on the rise. Last month a couple of us were caught on camera by Birra Moretti in Golden Sq. We won’t spoil it, just have a look at what we did. A similar concept developed for Carlsberg in Hong Kong was filmed around the city using actors to test people’s behaviour and award the ones that “stepped up to do the right thing”. As an approach to content this method can definitely be both cost effective and funny.

Travelling Book Club

Mobile branded content—and we don’t mean the digital sort of mobile!—is an area often explored in the arts. But could a project similar to the recently-launched Mexican Art Book Club be adapted for an electronics or sports brand? The Club hosts a mix of workshops, seminars, and special events in their mobile library.

Better Looking Hatred

Hackers Cheer Up

If you can’t beat them … redesign them? In an attempt to end the “Cyber Wars” between Israel and Arab nations, McCann Digital Israel asked a group of students to redesign 50 webpage and then asked hackers use them in place of ugly hate-banners in future attacks.


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