Cats or Topless Abercrombie & Fitch models

It’s been a busy week at Kameleon so here is a short & sweet Juiced, only the best that grabbed our attention away from the dreaded Powerpoint.


Follow Bear 71 in the Rocky Mountains

I’ve just spent the last 10 minutes completely immersed in this site after seeing it won Gold at Cannes Lions. It’s a documentary on the lives of the Grisly bears in Canada, narrated in the first person by Bear 71. The story is told through video clips tracking the bears, overlaid onto an interactive map so you can explore the area too. Lot’s of inspiration for non-linear forms of storytelling, and next Summer’s holiday!

Blackberry AFP with Channel 4

Fan of TOWIE? Blackberry is funding an 8 part series looking into the antics of a group of girls at music festivals over the summer. Produced by Monkey Kingdom, creators of Made in Chelsea, it will follow the same ‘structured reality’. It will be interesting to see the the scale of promotion offered by C4.


Storytelling on Pinterest

This is still in its early days but one publisher, BeActive is using the platform to bring their graphic novel to life. The novel is called Beat Girl and they’ve created a Pinterest profile that tells the story of fictional DJ Heather Jennings, in a similar vein to Lonely Girl. This is presented as a prequel to an upcoming multi-platform video series.

How to get top of the viral charts

Cats & Topless Abercrombie & Fitch models


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