A focus on apps and content

Paddy Power Genius

Paddy Power has enlisted her majesty as a spokesperson through the power of technology and a standard £10 note. Customers who download the app can blip any £10 note to see an animated Queen sharing her views on England’s chances, Wayne Rooney’s hair, “the cheating French” (I kid you not), the Germans’ penalty tactics, and anything else that makes the news during the tournament. The content will be randomised and refreshed daily so you will see something new each time you use the app.  For some amusing Euro 2012 coverage follow them on twitter @paddypower

Apps as a broadcast distribution channel

Watching TV on your mobile is increasingly common – fuelled by the Sky sports app I’m sure, and now some producers are looking to mobile as a distribution channel in its own right. The Emmy-winning show The Kennedys has been made available in an iOS app, the first episode is free but the other 7 cost £1.99. Whereas people expect content online to be free, there is a greater acceptance to pay for content within apps which could offer new commercial opportunities for broadcasters.

New Evian fridge magnet designed to drive purchases

The future is automatic – running low on bottled water? Why not restock your fridge using a Evian talented magnet. The concept is simple, tap in your order and using Wi-Fi the magnet sends your order. This gadget has been designed to promote Evian’s new delivery service. Is this next step a wi-fi enabled fridge that orders your Tesco home delivery for you?

Ikea: Kitchen View

Ever wanted to look at the world (or your kitchen) from someone else’s perspective? With a new, interactive website Ikea are letting you do just that. They have designed a site to showcase their kitchens from the view point of different inhabitants, for example through the eyes of a grandma, a three-year-old, a dog and even the fish in the fish tank. Apparently, being the dog asleep on the floor was one of the most popular choices; over 87,000 people selected this option.

Yet another new social network


A cross between speed dating and bookatable ‘Dining with strangers’ is a new kind of social network that allows people who have just moved to a city to meet up for a meal and get to know each other. Creating an account, you’re able to browse what meals are available in your area. Each meal comes with a theme, for example, meet who’s new in town, meet singles and meet anime lovers. This is potentially a great idea with many commercial opportunities for brands to get involved with, if they recruit the users.

Sweden gives citizens full reign of its Twitter account

A tourist destination with a twitter feed that has drawn the bizarre connection between Hitler and Dolphins – unlike most countries Sweden’s rather outspoken twitter account is written by a rather candid set of citizens. Check it out @Sweden! This risky yet innovative idea could be a way of attracting visitors (or scaring them off) by portraying an honest id of the nation. If brands tried this would all the reviews they never wanted anyone to read creep to the surface?


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