The better late than never Jubilee edition

Documenting the Jubilee with Social Media – Great, but who is curating?

Social media & mobile phones have turned us all into broadcasters for major live events. With thousands of people attending the Jubilee, there will be millions of individual stories capturing different aspects of the event, each one with different pictures, videos and text updates. There is a big opportunity for brands to get responsible for curating the content & organising it for the historical record. Who would be most appropriate to do this for the Olympics?

App to crowdsource videos of events

Vyclone iPhone app

Vyclone is a recently launched mobile app that lets people connect with everybody else filming video on their phone at the same event, synchronises them together, and then let fans remix all of this into one edit. A fantastic concept for gigs and festivals – imagine the possibilities of crowd sourcing footage of the Jubilee Flotilla heading down the Thames from different vantage points.

 Proud to be British

Brands that strongly rely on their British heritage saw their value grow in the year running up to the Jubilee and London 2012. Some brands gained growth by simply sticking a Union Jack on their logo or packaging. Some others tried to find more original ways of communicating their ‘Britishness’. Marmite focused on its very British sense of humour (they even revamped their famous slogan: “One either loves it, or one hates it”). T-Mobile instead chose to bring together the best-loved cultural memes in their What Britain Loves ad.

Her Majesty showed her true colours

Pantone is the first brand to officially acknowledge the Queen’s status as a fashion icon by launching her personal limited edition Diamond Jubilee Colour Guide. This contains the most notable colours preferred by the Queen in her 60 years of reign.


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