Digital content: The new and unusual

In a constantly evolving market it is interesting to see how our favourites brands adapt their messages.  This week we look at physical keepsakes of digital content, redefining what an music album is and handful of unlikely brand and content partnerships.



f2 520x313 Frommees: This startup creates physical keepsakes for digital content

In their simplest form a Frommee is a physical keepsake of digital content. Each token has a unique code and once registered, you can add digital content of any kind. You give your Frommee to a friend or leave it somewhere to be found and you can track the travel information from your Frommee on the site. From a brand perspective – how do you think they could use these innovative keepsakes to get their message out to the world?

Kaiser Chiefs – The future is medieval

For their latest album the Kaiser Chiefs wanted to make a big impression. The brand have attempted to re-define the album and offer a more personalised approach. Fans can visit a micro site and choose from among 20 tracks to pick their top 10 to make it onto their album. We were thinking this could work even better if you could add a message and gift to someone.


The new rival to Groupon

A new service called Wrapp allows people to send their Facebook friends free gift cards of $5-15, to be redeemed with certain brands. H&M and Gap have already joined but why would a brand want to give away free gift cards? One spokeswomen explains that rather than spending money on advertising in the hope it will lead to sales, this approach offers much greater ROI because a gifting a discount to your target audience is much more likely to end in a sale. On to a winner I think.

An unlikely partnership – Coca Cola and Michigan

A brand partnership with little or no association – images of Michigan’s sparkling waters will soon be featured alongside cokes logo to inspire people to experience pure Michigan. Perhaps Atlanta (the home of coke) would have been a more understandable brand vehicle for Coca Cola to attach itself to. Similar to Scotland and Highland which is a great example of win-win brand aligned partnership marketing.

Meet Phil Pace

Here’s an odd little number which definitely had us scratching our heads. What initially appears to be a mini documentary about a bodybuilder, takes you on a journey truly drawing you into his story. I don’t want to spoil the surprise so watch for yourself. Although rather unusual, this guy’s unusual story does have potential to become a mini series.


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