Content, Digital and Strictly Come Dancing

This week we are using the notion of  “having your fingers in too many pies” –  can this confuse a brands message or objectives? Brands such as Help have been very successful in building an identity a through simple run but hugely effective campaigns. On the other hand we also look at those whose  innovative ideas hinder rather than help the user experience. Stopping the music video to shop for items of clothing almost makes the music video experience pointless.


Pepsi partners with Twitter to launch ‘Pulse’ digital dashboard

After the launch of global “Live for Now” campaign, has been completely taken over by ‘Pulse’, a newly launched real-time digital platform that curates fans’ generated content, Twitter posts, Pinterest & pictures. Pepsi’s celebrity ambassadors encourage people to get involved and fans can win prizes. Despite maybe trying too hard to include everything that’s hot at the moment with no cohesive aim, it’s brave to see a brand using their official site to focus on engagement rather than product.

Want to take part in Strictly Come Dancing?

BBC Worldwide are building on the success of the show by creating an online game. Fans can create their own avatar, choose a professional dance partner and compete against other players. Although the game is free to play, there is a micro payments system to get costume upgrades, perhaps deeper tans. The success of Zynga (makers of Farmville) show that online casual gaming is not just for kids.

Music & Advertising

First shoppable music video

With heavy product placement common to many of the latest music videos, artists are increasingly looking to partner with brands. This example of an interactive music video lets people shop the artists look and is slicker looking than most. It’s important this approach is tonally appropriate for the audience but could be relevant when the content brief has a close tie to product such as tutorials, or an approach One Sony could take to push product through Sony Music artists.

Shazam partners up with ITV for bespoke branded content opportunities

Shazam, the app that recognises a song through a smart phone microphone, has partnered with ITV so viewers can interact with TV ads. Kraft has used it to give people recipes using Philadelphia when they Shazam the TV ad’s soundtrack. Recipes seems a bit boring as most people can google these from their laptop anyway. We think receiving something a little more surprising could be great for brand engagement. An idea for Lynx anyone?

Our favourite new brand

Help your headache

A great example of a brand taking care of their entire comms, from product, packaging all the way through to marketing. Beauty in keeping it simple.

One for the office

Sustainable pedal-powered meeting table

WeBike is the first meeting table that converts human energy into electricity through pedals allowing users to work, exercise and generate electricity at the same time. Working their way to get their phone charged could actually teach people not to take electric energy for granted!


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