The amazing video content edition

This week giving you an insight to some of the amazing content circling the web and what makes it so shareable. Is video sharing changing what we view as quality content? Year on year as video increases in popularity we see brands developing their content strategies.

Nike Make it Count

The days when companies relied on 30-second TV spots and full-page newspaper ads as their main tools for staying top-of-mind are long gone. With their latest #makeitcount campaign Nike is definitely a brand evolving their story telling style – a far cry from their usual polished feel. Developing a personality and an emotive connection the advert for their Nike FuelBand (an athletic-performance tracking device,) directed by Casey Neistat, is an inspirational piece of video homage to making the most out of life and enjoying new experiences. Aside from 10 seconds of unpackaging footage at the beginning, the Fuel band isn’t featured again. Instead, viewers follow the filmmaker on his mission to go as far and experience as much as he can before money runs dry. To me there is something immersive about following real people on a real adventure, and it is the uplifting feeling which makes it sharable. This content is definitely more about the brand than the product – but it is still important to keep objectives in sight. Making exercise or things count can be much more than pounding the treadmill. If you could show the world what making it count means to you what would you do?

Reebok Flex

Reebok have identified an opportunity within the sports category and have set their sights set on the fitness and gym audience. Although this is an ad with paid for placements on TV and gym media, rather than branded content, it’s an emotive piece of content that has a clear objective and message – sport doesn’t have to involve tournaments or teams, working out and aiming to be as fit as you can is a sport in itself.

Guardian three little pigs

The Guardian three little pigs is a really engaging piece of content to communicate a rather academic subject, the future of journalism – the twists and turns in the fable as the media frenzy intensifies watches like a cinematic thriller. Coming up with a killer idea and then finding the perfect Director to run with the idea is the holy grail. The video is likely to be shared because it is clever in a “gleeky” way, but also a talking point, what is the future of journalism, when the internet provides such an open platform for reporting?

People Are Awesome

The people are awesome video drives home the true meaning of viral. A compilation of amazing stunts and tricks, mostly filmed on amateur cameras, this video shows that slick production isn’t essential to making amazing content, it’s the idea. What is most interesting about this piece is that it was put together by the band Hadouken to promote their new single which is playing throughout, the video then ends with the songs title and links to their Facebook and Twitter. The heavily shared content was viewing over 40million times, largely due to the unbelievable stunts viewed. A great way to get your name out there on a small budget.

Pink Ponies: A Case Study

To finish off this week’s look at brilliant video content from around the web, here is a case study highlighting how marketers mould information to show their “grandeur”. Made just over a year ago by St John (more recently famed for their Catvertising video) this tongue-in-cheek content mocks the language and exaggerations used in the ‘making of’ agency case study videos. Whilst this video is initially humorous, it does show how generic Case Studies have become, which is also evident by sarcastic YouTube comments, discussing the video as if it was a real campaign.


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