Campaigns for the Social Good

It is always nice to read about brand campaigns developed for the social good. This week Juiced brings you a whole host of different campaigns all facilitating societal change in their own way. It is particularly interesting to see how such campaigns have evolved as technology changes.


One way to motivate people to change their behaviour for the greater social good is through rewards and incorporating a gaming mechanic. Recyclebank–is an online platform in the UK and US with 3 million users that rewards individuals with points and cash rebates for making environmentally conscious decisions, both on and offline. Is gamification something the NHS should consider in trying to get people to lead healthier lives?


 Mxit, South Africa’s largest Social Network, uses innovation and new tools within mobile platforms to facilitate societal change as a model of sustainability. Addressing the relevant needs of the 50 million registered Mxit users, on their social platform of choice (mobile) they support issues that matter to them. One example of this is the Advice Support partnership which is an initiative that enables access to professional counselling on various issues such as HIV, substance abuse and depression via mobile chat.


Mxit also introduced miGOx (My Interactive GOvernment eXperience), a technology platform allowing citizens to access open and available government information via their mobile phone, rendered in a user-friendly interface. It will provide citizens the opportunity to monitor promises on service delivery – if citizens are unhappy about the service delivery then they’ll be able to flag and rank it, making government officials more accountable to their promises to local communities.

Transform your patch

 Why not help transform 1cm2 of your community by buying one of the nation’s favourite drinks. Groundwork in partnership with a handful of soft drink manufacturers have launched this project to make a big difference to outdoor spaces which will give communities more access to outdoor sports, activities and fun. The beauty of this campaign is its simplicity – every drink purchased contributes. Communities can then vote on which piece of land they would like transformed. As a brand engagement agency how could we contribute to the long lasting legacy of this socially good campaign?


Levis has launched an interactive campaign to encourage fans to adopt a lifestyle that is more conscious of water as a precious resource and helps provide water to those without. Users can enter several competitions to unlock WaterCredits to support the initiative and discover the all-important steps into changing your habits to save water every day. To increase engagement this campaign also includes a partnership with Instagram enabling users to upload their own pictures taken at Levis stores to show support for the campaign. Fans can share which challenge they have taken across social media channels and earn as many points as possible.

The good gym

A gym designed for the social good – the twist is that this gym encourages runners to get off the treadmill and run to a destination – the home of an elderly person looking for company. The benefits are that the home owner gets company whilst motivating the runners too – you’re far more inclined to exercise if it stops you letting somebody down. Research has shown 13% of people over 65 in the UK say that they always or often feel lonely, and 17% of those living alone see family and friends less than once a week. This campaign started in Tower Hamlets, aiming to expand in partnership with Olympic Park Legacy Company.


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