The changing pattern of content distribution

Content distribution

The Me-TV Trend













One of the key trends to come out of SXSW – new personalised entertainment platforms to help aggregate the increasing amount of content online, and help you find more to your taste. One such platform is – an online platform that aggregates all the videos being recommended by family and friends on Facebook and Twitter into a single video channel, imagine a personalised Youtube. As these services move to the cloud, people will be able to access their content anywhere and consume it on their preferred device.

Branded content

Nike styles young Paris basketball team

Pigalle Paris ‘BARBES BASKETBALL’ from PIGALLE PARIS on Vimeo.

French clothing boutique Pigalle Paris has set up the Amateur Basketball project to support teams with a  strong sporting and social background. Their first initiative, aided by Nike Stadium Paris and Nike Bowery New York, has been to remake the outfits for local team Goutte d’Or Basket Ball from Barbès. The team received first class sports equipment and a well-defined graphic identity. Beautifully shot video too from Nike, as you would expect.


10 changes to Facebook you need to know

The blurring of paid, owned and earned media, timelines to show a brand’s history and the ever increasing need for great customer service.

C4 to launch 4seven channel

Channel 4 is to launch 4seven, a TV channel powered in part by social media and viewer feedback, that lets you watch shows again from the past 7 days that have been talked about on social media. Personally with the popularity of 4oD I think this announcement offers little to viewers, but does help C4 promote their programming.

Coca-Cola having fun












Coca-Cola have posting a series of riddles to their Facebook fans Even if they pop I smile, It’s no secret why, The soapy rainbow swirls, Are magic to my eye. I love looking up at clouds, And blowing …in the …com. Think you’ve solved it – got to the url. A nice reminder that a brand needs to have a personality.


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