Keeping it short and sweet


Sam Sure & Giacomo music video

Take a tour around Notting Hill with Sam Sure & Giacomo in their interactive music video. Whilst watching you can click on the screen and drag the camera direction round, like you’re on Google street view. Although an engaging idea to bring you inside a music video, I think this functionality has more potential – imagine making interactive content in this style with binaural sound.

Worth the wait? 

Swedish rapper Adam Tensta has only released one copy of his single and despite this being released online, only one person can listen at a time. Fans have to download the app and then wait their turn for the track to be passed on to them. Although a good PR story, this is an unusual approach for a music artist who surely wants to engage a wider fan base. Maintaining this air of exclusivity would be better suited to a luxury fashion brand.

Move to the Beat

Coca Cola’s ‘Move to the Beat’ campaign aims to use music to unlock the social side of the sports event. Mark Ronson travelled the world to meet up and coming athletes and fused the sound of their sports to create the campaign anthem. This is one campaign to keep an eye on – there will be events, digital activation and a full 60 minute documentary on Ronson’s travels airing soon.


The Guardian ad

Created by BBH this ad for The Guardian uses the children’s story of the Three Little Pigs to demonstrate the future of journalism – crowd sourcing, open platform collaboration, social media. A fantastic ad to show how the traditional newspaper industry must evolve if they ever hope of remaining relevant.


Visit Scotland and Disney Pixar

Disney Pixar’s latest cinema release tells the tale of a flame haired heroine and is set in the Scottish Highlands. The film is scheduled for release this summer and the global marketing campaign will also be aimed at promoting Scottish tourism through TV and cinema advertising, PR opportunities, digital marketing and events.


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