A heavy dose of trends within film


Cannon and Project Imagin8ion

Project Imagin8ion is the first ever photo competition to inspire a Hollywood film. People were asked to submit a photo to convey their suggestions for elements of the story such as mood, setting, character etc of the film, to be produced by Ron Howard. Almost 100,000 photos were submitted and the final film, When You Find Me is available to view online and is being screened across the US. It will be really interesting to see what Cannon do next – will this be another project within storytelling?

Crowd-sourced Sci-fi film

In 1945 a bunch of Nazis made it to the Moon and since then, have been preparing for their revenge invasion of Earth in 2018. Sound entertaining? Internet fans have provided about $1 million of the funding for the movie and many elements from the plot and visuals have all been crowd sourced. Despite this the production values seem high and The film opens at the Berlin International Film Festival. How long before a Hollywood blockbuster engages fans in the creative process?

A film made using a computer algorithm

Indie film project whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir is assembled from thousands of clips of footage, voiceovers and scoring elements, spliced together and edited in real time by a computer system called the ‘serendipity machine’. The film follows the observations of a geophysicist who is stuck in a metropolis operated by the New Method Oil Well Cementing Company and is different every time it is screened.

Dr. Martins #firstandforever

Think I’m getting soppy in my old age but I love these films from Dr Martins with Agnes Deyn. Beautifully shot and understated.

Have consumers had their fill of content?

The seven sins of branded content, a long but very interesting read! Providing branded content has been one of the biggest priorities in marketing in recent times but the question is when does too much content become distracting? Content creation is often seen as part of brand building – rather than a sales driver (which is very difficult to measure.) Take notes ‘the seven sins’ are as follows: long copy is a dead weight, failing to use media in the right way, deluding yourself that people care about your brand values, underestimating the public’s scepticism about brands, believing co-creation is for everyone, focusing on measurable return of investment and finally turning to technology as a saviour.

YouTube is asking Hollywood to create original content channels

Do you use your smart phone more than your TV remote? YouTube is aiming to create 25 hours of programming per day with the help of some of the top names in traditional TV. More and more people are watching content on their mobiles and tablets and the idea is to create artist/director Youtube channels which update subscribers when new content is added.


Social Media key influencer in multi-exposure purchasing path

Research has shown that social media combined with other online ad formats has the power to double commercial revenue. Though many classify social media as either owned or earned media, researchers factored in any click activity generated by paid social advertisements, brand-generated social content and earned mentions.


Non-sponsor Nike is brand most associated with Olympics

This is when sponsorship goes wrong: non-sponsor Nike is the brand most associated with Olympics even though Adidas signed a £100m to be the official sponsor. Research conducted shows 7.7% of conversations online about the Olympics are connecting it to the brand’s ‘make it count’ campaign. By contrast Adidas is only pulling 0.49% of the conversations. Even though Nike has broken no rules they clearly resonate themselves as being aligned with the Olympics.

Football League steps up pursuit of global sponsors

The Football League is stepping up efforts to grow its global sponsorship income by promoting its Head of Marketing to a new Strategic Partnerships role and taking on several commercial executives. They are looking to drive revenue for its clubs through sponsorship of grassroots initiatives and digital campaigns with global commercial partners. The Football League will lose £23m when the new television rights deal (with BskyB) launches at the start of next season. The governing body of the Championship, League One and League Two is also close to finding a sponsor for the Football League Cup to replace Carling, which has come to the end of its three year exclusive deal.

Brands boost Manchester United’s profit

Growth in sponsorship income helped Manchester United increase revenue by 11.8% in the second half of 2012. The champions revealed total revenue grew to £175m over the last six months of 2011, driven largely by a 16% hike in commercial revenues through brand tie-ups, such as a new training kit deal with delivery company DHL. This month the club expanded its growing roster of global telecommunications sponsors by launching a new ‘Globul United’ tariff to customers in Bulgaria. The deal could help accrue any potential losses induced by the club’s early exits from knockout tournaments, the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup. It’s all about Europa League Thursday’s on Channel 5.


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