An explosion of social media

Brand Engagement

Engagement Aint Nothing but a number

Businesses that invest in social media are led to focus on soft metrics such as number of ‘likes’, views and interactions. However this article argues that this is to the detriment of really understanding the strength and worth of the community that they have built up, in other words – the ROI and the value of that community. Rather than focussing on stimulating interactions, businesses should be seeking to create meaningful, long term experiences/initiatives that cause effect or change behaviour. This topic could provide a theme for a wider Kameleon Thought Piece – engagement within social media.


Hang out in Google+


I’m still fairly unconvinced by Google+ but one person taking advantage of the platform is Barak Obama. Along with Coca Cola and Cadburys, Obama has been using the Hangout function which allows 9 people to video chat together through their webcams. The video can then be shared to the wider community on Youtube. Brands need to be careful who they trust to interact so freely with fans but connecting the right people can make for some really interesting discussion and content.

Pinterest: hottest new social media?

Pininterest has been coined the ‘hottest new social media, since sliced bread’ reaching nearly 12million unique users faster than any other stand-alone sight. Statistics show the UK demographic is largely male, wealthy and aged 24-35. Popular audience interests include, SEO, marketing, PR and analytics. With many brands already getting involved the next question will be when Pinterest should start to seriously monetise branded pins, and brand pages?


Future Hipsters


This video is a treat from the Social Media Week’s global team. Set in 2062 the video captures interviews with octogenarian hipsters as they take a look back on what social media and digital culture were back in the day aka. 2012. What’s cool now is definitely looking to be very un-cool in 50 years time.

Unruly study sees brand recall improve with social video recommendations

Interesting new research has found that viewers who watch a video are more likely to recall the featured brand when it was recommended by a friend – compared to viewers who found the video through browsing. Therefore, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd drummer) recommending the binaural sound video gives lots of promise. In addition, people who watch a friend-recommended clip are more likely to enjoy the video and purchase the product.

The Times boosts digital subscribers

The number of people paying for a digital subscription to The Times in the past four months has increased 7% to 119,255 in January 2012, with the highest number of downloads on a Sunday. The paper has seen a drop in the number of printed papers purchased. The tide may be turning towards a willingness to pay for premium content – albeit within a certain age group.


Rangers eyes global sponsor as tonic to uncertain future

Despite Rangers recently entering administration they are on a quest to find a global sponsor – looking to boost commercial revenues to drive down their debts. Strategic partnerships have helped a brief growth in the clubs revenue. As a penalty for entering administration, Rangers have been deducted 10 points – pretty much handing the title to rivals Celtic.


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