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A collection of thought provoking articles from the world of content, digital and otherwise.

Branded Content

OK Go – Needing/Getting

The new music video from OK Go was made in partnership with Chevrolet and has recorded over 12m views on Youtube. The band went about a musical drive-by with 1000 instruments over two miles of LA desert, using a Chevy Sonic with retractable pneumatic arms to play the instruments. The video took 4 months of preparation but is well on it’s way to becoming an internet hit after the music video was mentioned within the Chevrolet Sonic Super Bowl ad. Our recent brief from Sony Music could be the beginning of more content partnerships with their artists – across the Sony sister companies but perhaps beyond too.

Heineken use James Bond to stir the digital conversation

Daniel Craig is set to star in Heineken ads for the first time since the brewer started sponsoring the movie franchise in 1997 – the biggest activation of 007 ever. Within Heineken’s ‘Open your world campaign’ the character of Bond will fit into the campaign message, as opposed to the brand trying to fit around the film. Activity will revolve around digital platforms, Facebook and Google. Heineken is looking to make the social network the hub of all its conversations online.

Vice teams up with YouTube to create exclusive music channel

The curated music Youtube channel – Noisey is launched in partnership with Dell and Intel and will feature original content, reviews, interview shows, live events and special programs to promote individual artists across the world.

Each scene in the Lanvin look book is shot and presented as a rapid succession of stills, just like a gif.


Twitter rolls out first wave of UK brand pages

It was only rolled out 9 days ago yet 20 companies have already produced their own Twitter brand pages. The new format allows brands to showcase branded banners, a permanent tweet and even embed videos to showcase or promote desired content. This is definitely offering more creative opportunities for brands on Twitter, however, brands that do choose to go down this route have to spend £25,000 on media.

Social Media Trends for 2012

The key predictions: this is the year that social commerce will become common behaviour with people buying real products via social media on their community’s recommendations and a greater focus on loyalty schemes and personalised online experiences. Also, following the success of Moshi Monsters – social games and worlds for children will continue to grow with a greater focus on narrative. This is especially interesting for Digital Stories and the opportunity to evolve digital stories into an interactive storytelling platform.


Brands and Bands make music festival experience

The summer festival line-ups were released this week and it’s clear to see how alcohol sponsors have become central to the music experience. However, music festivals are now being targeting by an increasingly diverse range of brands who recognise the rare opportunity to engage a collective and captive youth audience – all willing to be entertained. What are the branding guidelines with regards to Snowfest?


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