The collaboration of apps and video

Gaming meets TV

Sims based drama on C4 education
SuperMes is an online drama – played by virtual actors in a virtual studio. The documentary-style content is designed to help teens cope with their new working lives and is the result of a collaboration between Electronic Arts and content design company Somethin’ Else, and uses the Sims 3 content platform. This is a really interesting evolution in storytelling and the merging (..intersection) between film and gaming.

Also in a further collaboration between gaming and TV, Stardoll the massively popular social network for young girls has partnered with BBC Worldwide (the commercial division). The BBC are using the platform to promote Strictly Come Dancing and introduce new revenue streams. Stardoll members will have access to an exclusive ‘Strictly’ Clyb where they can purchase virtual items – costumes inspired by the show to customise their Stardoll avatars and can build stage sets.



Heineken readies Facebook valentine’s push
Heineken have created ‘The Serenade’ Facebook app which aims to help men send funny, personalised songs to potential partners inviting them on a date. It is the same band that features in ‘The Date’ ad that sings the songs – a choice of over 620 songs in just 4 clicks. To promote the app Heineken are hosting Serenade live on 9th Feb, an 8 hour event on Youtube where people around the world can sing to the object of their heart’s desire. There are some great UGC examples already on Youtube. Heineken explain that they want to
focus on social media based activity around events and actions that young men can relate to and Valentine’s day is just the first.

Coke brings back their polar bears for the Super Bowl
W&K have come up with an idea for Coke to offer further family entertainment during the game, rather than your standard ad placement. Viewers of the Super Bowl will be able to interact with the Coke bears through Facebook and Twitter to hear the bears thoughts and insights on the game – a nice idea for Coke to become part of the viewing experience.



Sky Sports transfer deadline day
The January transfer window has now closed; it is a time of year that can make or break the rest of the season. This year SkySports has designed an interactive news wheel – why not check it out – if you have always wanted to play for Barcelona this is definitely the application for you.

City sets Premier League first with Twitter initiative
Manchester City’s digital quest to become a global brand continues. City will be using Twitter to enhance the match day experience – connecting fans from around the world. This strategy will add a new dimension to the pre-match build up, engaging and entertaining fans whotune into the TV broadcasts at City Square – a dedicated fan area near the club’s shop. The club also plans to integrate real-time fan Tweets on Etihad Stadium’s video boards, TV broadcasts and other stadium distribution channels including their website.


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