Sports sponsorship moves into the fast lane


Will 3D printing drive the future of file sharing?

The infamous file sharing website The Pirate Bay have outlined some bold ambitions for the future of file sharing, launching something called ‘Physibles’. The idea is that as 3D printing becomes more accessible, easy to use and cheaper the next step is sharing schematics for 3D printable objects – ‘no more shipping products across the world and then sending the broken bits back’. How would brands maintain control?


Xperia smart tags

Sony have launched a new mobile accessory using NFC – smart tags, that let you automatically start phone actions with a simple touch. You can program these tags to perform different tasks e.g. a bed time tag that turns your phone on silent and sets the alarm, a car tag thatturns on the phone’s GPS, weather and calendar app. Helps make life smoother – as long as you don’t lose your tags!


Brands moving onto Instagram and Tumblr















As Instragram and Tumblr grow in popularity brands have begun to follow their audiences. Levis is using Instagram to find the next stars of their advertising campaign and Tiffany have created some custom filters for people to use. Coca-Cola have looked to Tumblr and launched its own ‘tumblog’ called Happiness Is where people post vintage Coca-Cola ads along with other images to deliver happiness to visitors of the site. These are platforms perfectly suited to the Sony DEJ for make.believe.


Stobart Group secures cash-free Super League deal

The Rugby Football League (RFL) has confirmed that the Stobart Group has been given the naming rights of the game’s elite competition. Unlike the previous title sponsorship deal with Engage Mutual Assurance the new deal will free up available inventory, which will have commercial value for blue chip brands, attracting many new partnerships. The RFL has said the new title sponsorship deal could be worth up to £2.5 million per year.

Sports sponsorship moves into the fast lane

The cash generated from sport sponsorship is set to overtake ticket sales. It has been said brands need to start forming commercial relationships and strategic partnerships on the basis of shared objectives to create engaging experiences rather than using out-dated ideas. For example, the Electronics Arts (EA) maker of the FIFA game series and Manchester City partnership produces video game-related content to link the brands physically, digitally and through marketing. This partnership is driven by content and live experiences for fans.

Man City teases fans with ‘spot the Balotelli campaign’












In Manchester City’s conquest for world domination they recently launched a digital campaign challenging fans to spot avatars of players such as Mario Balotelli and Sergio Aguero. Using a 360-degree image of a match crowd fans were invited to take part and share it on social networks with the opportunity to win a signed shirt and personalised video message from the player. The basic concept is to engage fans in the physical space on match day and involve the wider international fan base digitally through social channels – something that hasn’t been done in football before.

Eye tracking takes viewers into the stadium from their couch

At this year’s CES Technicolor demonstrated their ‘Personalized Content Rendering’ technology which is designed to enhance viewers experience of a wide-angle sporting match. The device incorporates six camera angles and tracks your eye movements so you control what you view. It can even zoom giving better detail and focus. This technology will be commercially available in the next few years.


New business

Government kicks off an 11m workplace and pension campaign

The Department for Work and Pensions is launching an £11m ad campaign to inform the public about the impending arrival of its automatic enrolment workplace pension scheme. The campaign is due to feature in the press, radio and outdoor ad campaigns. The campaign is due to launch in 9 months.


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