Trendwatching 2012 Trend Report

Trendwatching released their 2012 trend report so here’s our summary of the consumer trends to be aware of.


Honest Brands

Government and businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their practises under wraps in our digital age. However brands do not need to fear this greater transparency. 2012 will see consumers favouring brands who are honest about their flaws – “people will prefer brands that show some empathy, generosity, humility, flexibility, maturity, humour, character and humanity”. Essentially have a personality – great for brand engagement.


Dealer Chic

Using deals, discounts and vouchers has gone from something that you keep quiet to a socially acceptable activity, even something to be proud of – a show of smartness. 2012 will see the evolution of an even bigger ‘deal ecosystem’, more personalisation to individual customers and more loyalty schemes. Deals do not have to mean money off but can mean more experience.


Embracing China

Chinese residents made over 30 million overseas trips in the first half of 2011 (up 20% from 2010). With European consumer’s feeling the pinch, businesses and brands from The Hilton to Harrods are focussing their attention on appealing to Chinese tourists with tailored services and perks.


Screen Culture

2012 will be the year that screens become noticeably more ubiquitous, personal and interactive. Consumers will care less about the device (mobile, tablet) and more about the content available. Sainsbury’s has partnered with Sky to allow shoppers to watch sports events while they shop using an in-cart iPad dock and speakers. They need to pop their tablet into the dock and can download the Sky Go streaming app. Sony are working on their ‘four screen strategy’.



The crowd sourcing trend will continue to shake up business processing and spawn new innovations, however it is a minority community – few of us have the time or skill. 2012 will see more examples of crowdsourcing initiatives that make it really simple to contribute, for example contributing personal data through GPS enabled smart phones.


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