Not Every Tradition Needs a Digital Platform


Technology creates a whole new ball game for sports marketing

We may still view the stereotypical sports fan as a man wrapped up from the cold, clutching his program and eating a pasty whilst not taking his eye off the pitch, but technology is changing the experiences at matches. There have been several new initiatives including paying £20 to have a tiny picture of yourself on a players shirt, the use of QR codes to order food to your seat, augmented reality apps, match replay apps and Facebook apps for interactive man of the match voting.

Bacardi campaign lets fans compete with virtual Rafael Nadal

As part of Bacardi and Nadal’s “Champions Drink Responsibly” campaign they have released a game via Facebook that allows fans to compete against a virtual Nadal, as well as win the chance to play him in real life in Mallorca. The game is built using the RoboServ 3000 technology which calculates Nadal’s position and optimises the speed, spin and distance of contestants’ serves.


Social Trends

Dads prove to be a force for social good

Whilst we are focused on Thanking Mums with P&G, research has found a trend in Dads having a noticeable presence in the online social landscape. Not only this, equal roles are more common in the home, with Dads making key purchasing decisions. There are few brands who are targeting this small but influential segment and could be a ripe area to explore.

Community website and smartphone app encourages friends to swap clothes

Collaborative consumption is a trend that keeps coming up in lots of different areas from car sharing to space sharing. The latest initiative is by Channel 4, who has developed the app Closet Swap, which allows you to swap clothes with your friends. The simple concept just involves uploading a photograph of the clothes you don’t mind sharing to your “Virtual Closet” on Facebook and choosing the clothes you want to borrow. The most frequent lenders earn points. Whilst this is a great idea to encourage collaborative consumption, there are some traditions that don’t need a digital platform, and this may be one of them.



Longchamp Presents Heels

The French luxury brand Longchamp Paris have launched an online drama this week set at a fictional fashion magazine. Heels is being streamed exclusively on SoFeminine as a seven-part series and follows a young fashion editor at Shine magazine and her antagonistic relationship with the new editor-in-chief. Unusually you will never see the faces of the actors as the brand wants their bags’ design and colours to provide identities for the characters. Does this make it feel more like advertising than quality, engaging content?

Sony creates own holodeck with Playstation deck

Just watch it! The 3 videos have all been shot in one take using projection mapping through the Playstation and no post production editing. Below is the first video, and the link provides two more that will leave you trying to figure out just how they did it.

Animated Cinemagraphs

We have recently been exploring different ways to use photography and animation, and Cinemagraphs combine the two by adding an animated element into still images. This is a simple concept that creates beautiful content.


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