Apps, Adverts and the Rise of Social TV


Philips Vital Signs ipad app

For 99 cents this app is able to measure your heart rate and breathing rate just through the ipad camera. The technology can detect small changes in the colour of your face caused by a change in blood volume in the blood vessels to calculate your heart rate, and can also track the movements of your chest to calculate your exact breathing rate. There is a growing trend for health & lifestyle apps that monitor and track our daily lives but this moves into the area of real diagnosis. Is this the future of NHS direct?



Mobile social networking grew by 44% in 2011 across the EU5

The increase is even greater for those accessing a social network or blog every day on their mobile – 67% (27m people). Facebook is the number one destination (no surprises there) but Linkedin has seen rapid growth in visits through mobile so this trend is not just being driven by youngsters.

Fisherman’s Friend app challenges you to stay within 2 meters of your friend on a night out

Fisherman’s Friend want to be a part of a Friday night out – and a part of the stories that are reflected upon on Saturday morning. You and your friends have to stay within 2 meters of one another for 4 hours, and there are some challenges to complete too – with the prize of getting your next night out paid for by Fisherman’s Friend. There have been apps that ask you to document your night out but this aims to enhance it. A great idea, although perhaps better suited to an alcohol brand.



Jameson’s asks you to find out which one of your friends stole a barrel     

There’s been lots of comms ideas recently that try to engage by personalising content to your Facebook profile and friends and this in itself is no longer novel or worth sharing – unless you use this function for a great purpose. I had a play of the new Jameson’s game which takes you to Dublin, and asks you to follow the clues to find out which one of your Facebook friend’s is the culprit. Clues are given to you in 6 personalised videos and strangely Jameson’s selected the exact friend of mine that would have nicked it!


Social TV

Ad breaks to become Tweet Breaks

The key architect of the BBC’s iPlayer has helped launch Zeebox in the UK which is a second screen app that enables TV viewers to simultaneously connect view social media and also find out more information via links (zeetags) and access bespoke additional content. The app will know what ad is playing and let you purchase things in Zeebox related to that ad. Channel 4 has explored opportunities around Zeebox for the new series, Desperate Scousewives.

The new role of television ads

The TV ad now needs to be thought of as a trailer to further engage versus the whole story. “No ad will be a self-contained narrative designed to entertain, inform, educate or remind customers about a product or service”



Generation Sell

We’ve all heard of Generation X but are the youngsters at Kameleon Generation Sell? Considering our friends and peers how many of them have ambitions to own their own business, commercialise their blog, turn their passion into a living… “Today’s ideal social form is not the commune or the movement or even the individual creator as such; it’s the small business. Every artistic or moral aspiration — music, food, good works is expressed in those terms…The small business is the idealized social form of our time. Our culture hero is not the artist or reformer, not the saint or scientist, but the entrepreneur”.


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