Social Media in Sport and Spoken Arts in Banking


Manchester United to unveil global social strategy

The football club have appointed SapientoNitro as its global digital agency, identifying a target of more than 500m fans. The aim is to drive engagement with the clubs fans and tap into Asian markets. Being a football club supporter is inherently a social experience so it will be interesting to see if Manchester United use the Facebook community simply as a marketing platform or whether they look to engage these passionate fans at a deeper level.

Arsenal “Build a Banner” Facebook app

Arsenal are also developing their digital social strategy with a new crowdsourcing concept. The fairly simple idea allows fans to create banners, showing their love for the club and celebrate their 125th anniversary. Once the banners are created, people can vote for their favourites and the winners will be bought to life in 2012. This is a great example of bridging the gap between the online and physical worlds.

Mexican Clubs Replace Players’ Names with Twitter Handles on Shirts

Mexican Premira Division side Jaguares are encouraging their players to engage with fans and have replaced the player’s names on their shirts with their Twitter usernames. Whilst this is a great way for fans to be brought closer to their idols, it is taking a large risk. Many sports stars have already found themselves in hot water over Twitter rants, such as Rugby star Fuimaono-Sapolu who has had several outbursts, including likening a match schedule to the holocaust, and is now facing a 6 month ban.

Global Approach Key for Budwiser

The beer brand who market their product as the “American Dream in a bottle” are setting their sights on the rest of the world, with the aim of reaching consumers through sport. They recently renewed their sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup and said “Essentially you bring together the world’s number one global brand with the world’s largest sport, which is soccer”. What does this mean for Heineken and Carling?


Consumer Revolution

First Direct Dialogue

First Direct are positioning themselves as the bank famous for their service and for having great conversations with their customers. Obviously talking about banking isn’t very engaging for your average Joe Blogs so First Direct are hosting a 4 day Dialogue Festival featuring an array of speakers including poets, comics and storytellers, with the aim of exploring why in an increasingly digital world, human chatter matters. This event is a one-off and so perhaps First Direct will be looking for a long term sponsorship to align themselves with spoken word…. Poems when you are put on hold for ages springs to mind…

Brand Loyalty Eroding as Consumers Economic Pressures Increase

ComScore have been quantifying the impact of consumer’s declining spending power on brand choice since 2008. They have just updated the 2011 report and it is not good news for brands. In 2008 54% of consumers said they bought the brands they wanted, compared to 43% this year. 38% said they were buying offers compared to 33% in 2008 and 19% are switching to private labels now, compared to just 14% in 2008. However, these brands are realising that digital advertising is an effective way to drive top-line growth, with IAB reporting a huge 23% increase in online advertising, well ahead of the 3% average growth for all measured media.



Augmented reality gaming

Think running is boring? How about if you were being chased by Zombies? A new AR mobile game is being released that challenges users to re-build civilisation after a zombie apocalypse by completing location specific task whilst running in the real world. We’ve been changing attitudes to being green energy with EnergyShare and changing attitudes to volunteering with Rockcorps, perhaps we should look into changing attitudes to fitness?

Nokia trials free Wifi in London

With their deteriorating leadership in the mobile market, it was only time before Nokia had to do something innovative ahead of their competitors. They announced this week that they would be trialling free Wifi in London, with 26 hotspots around the Oxford Street area, to fill the much need space between 3G and home internet. However, the Wifi will accept any device, including tablets and laptops, so are the mobile giant building their own brand or just giving their competitors, with more diverse product ranges, a leg up?


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